Here’s the seasons reason and the earth tilt myth

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Basically we’re clumped hard rocks that stuck together and got wacked around 11 times to knock us off our keel and make a moon.

Is it any wonder we believe in the coronavirushoax?

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Small clumps of debris gathered into larger clumps, which merged into small planets, which then collided to form larger planets.

Scientists estimate that Earth suffered around 10 of these giant collisions. Each altered the tilt of the Earth by knocking it one direction or the other. In the last of these encounters, a rocky orb roughly the size of Mars smashed into the Earth.

Hamilton said that scientists may spar over the details of the collision, but they broadly agree on what happened next. The Mars-sized planet hit the Earth at such an angle and with such force that it sent pieces of both celestial bodies flying into space. That debris settled into orbit around the Earth and eventually coalesced into the moon.

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