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Beacon of unreported hope

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If true, good news.

A family restaurant in Pennsylvania has won a major victory against COVID-19 restrictions in their state, with a court finding the $10,000 fine they were hit with “unenforceable.”


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Your leaders have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

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Aha! We have a name for the psychological torture our rulers and mas-Q-raiders are perpetrating.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of child abuse or elder abuse.


Political correctness has renamed it – they don’t want it associated with a storyteller.

Originally, this term was used for all factitious disorders. Now, however, in the DSM-5, “Munchausen syndrome” and “Munchausen by proxy” have been replaced with “factitious disorder” and “factitious disorder by proxy” respectively.

Facticious is a great word.

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But Schwabism takes fascism on to the global level. This 21st century Fourth Reich wants to control the whole world.

It is also crucial to understand that this new global fascism, like its historical predecessors, is entirely capitalist. Not free-market capitalist perhaps, but capitalist nevertheless.

Its whole raison d’être is the protection of the wealthy ruling elite from popular challenges and the increase of its power by means of new mechanisms of control and exploitation.

The Acorn – 61 winteroak.org.uk/2020/10/28/th…

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Mercy me

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Is part of the coronavirushoax to bankrupt hospitals? What does Klaus Schwab have in mind for health care in the USA? There’s no doubt health care accessibility is a big part of the US restructuring.

Since they’re empty, they must be losing money as fast as anyone else.

Hospitals need to be 90% full, like most businesses.

Shane’s commentary:

This is completely laughable. Hospitals shutting down in a major city during the Coronavirus Pandemic? What about all the sick Coronavirus patients? Where are they going to go? Shouldn’t hospitals be staying open not closing during a pandemic that is allegedly killing over 200,000 people across America? Does Coronavirus exist at all especially in Chicago? How can people not question how hospitals would close during a supposed Coronavirus pandemic? Seriously this is nonsense if people believe this shit.


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