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Is part of the coronavirushoax to bankrupt hospitals? What does Klaus Schwab have in mind for health care in the USA? There’s no doubt health care accessibility is a big part of the US restructuring.

Since they’re empty, they must be losing money as fast as anyone else.

Hospitals need to be 90% full, like most businesses.

Shane’s commentary:

This is completely laughable. Hospitals shutting down in a major city during the Coronavirus Pandemic? What about all the sick Coronavirus patients? Where are they going to go? Shouldn’t hospitals be staying open not closing during a pandemic that is allegedly killing over 200,000 people across America? Does Coronavirus exist at all especially in Chicago? How can people not question how hospitals would close during a supposed Coronavirus pandemic? Seriously this is nonsense if people believe this shit.

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  1. superfooder

    Quite Quixotic: At one point, the anchor says hospitals are empty and must close, and the next, a lady says the pandemic has put a “strain” on hospitals and must close. TTMMGH (Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmmm)

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