2 thoughts on “Cullen why they are doing this

  1. xileffilex

    And to complete the circle, the WEF is now pumping out extremely dubious published science to keep the Covid wheel spinning on its own website.


    and now, on the back of the Great Reset, in comes Kristallina Gerogieva of the IMF with their own version of a great [financial] reset – with lots of building going on: a better tomorrow, a greener economy ….tremendous opportunities… smarter, fairer.sustainable, inclusive…..building forward. [not back]
    All the usual UN BS. They really have got it sewn up on the back of the Covid caper

    We have an historic opportunity to build a greener world—also a more prosperous and job-rich one. With low interest rates, the right investments today can yield a quadruple dividend tomorrow: avert future losses, spur economic gains, save lives and deliver social and environmental benefits for everyone.

    source – October 15 www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2…
    sounds wonderful. a unique opportunity indeed as Klaus has already suggested. Whatever you do though, don’t mention Central Bank Digital Currencies to frighten the horses.

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