3 thoughts on “Did we get a DARK WINTER bat signal?

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    i forgot to add if batesons study is correct ,that means were at the mercy of other peoples reactions ,
    and seeing as people still vote im guessing were 100 years away from reversing the past 7 months , atleast you guys have guns ,
    im afraid its time for bigger brains than mine , im sure

    youve seen what star wars did and theres nowt subliminal there

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    it seems that schismogenesis landed firmly im fascinated and as always there is coincidence bateson batson haha ha im hooked
    one of batesons favourite artists

    i naively assumed the synthesis would be done via adding information into the pot , not making us forget civility , but making a study and tool of it is sick …. anyway schismogenesis definitely out of my range of understanding ,or should i say id be a perfect study , and without much coercing , but i thought that picture was worth a post its self member the patrons do patroneyes

    Djatasura was Bateson and Mead’s favourite artist. He was one of the artists filmed at work during the research period of Bateson and Mead. He often visited Spies and Bonnet and showed them his works for their criticism. there are nineteen pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission. (H. Geertz 1994: 105)
    Leading Batuan teacher and artist.

    Djatasura spoke Malay, despite not receiving any formal education, and had worked on a coffee plantation. Together with Ngendon, Jatasura joined the nationalist guerilla combat against the Dutch after WWII, and was subsequently captured and died in prison. This account from Geertz, confirmed by Indonesian sources) is contested by Hohn, who notes that Jatasura reported to authorities on his own free will. He was then badly beaten, and upon his release to Batuan, had a large wound to his head. He then died after he had been transported to Gianyar, having been tortured again by authorities in Batuan (Hohn 1997: 88). Hohn lists Jatasura’s birth year as 1913 (1997: 88). Some sources list 1947 as his year of death.

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