FAK251-Ty and Markus Allen drop a bomb

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Supersleuth and his son Ty go the eye of the Pennsylvania mask storm – and learn something amazing about the restaurant mentioned here.

Listen right to the end.

Companion Notes:

Beacon of unreported hope | Fakeologist.com

Beacon of unreported hope

Judge: Pennsylvania’s Pandemic Restrictions Unconstitutional

Judge: Pennsylvania’s Pandemic Restrictions Unconstitutional

PayPal and Venmo will offer and accept cryptocurrency for all online payments – The Verge

John Jay Singleton

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7 thoughts on “FAK251-Ty and Markus Allen drop a bomb

  1. xileffilex

    I think it was somewhere in here that Markus congratulated Ab on foreseeing that this corony stunt was to take down America. Now here comes the NYT rubbing the Chinese system, they having played their part, in the faces of Americans

    where we can read such delicacies as…

    When a single asymptomatic case of the coronavirus was detected last week in Kashgar **, in the western region of Xinjiang, the authorities rushed to lock down the city. Officials demanded that more than four million people undergo tests for the virus, eventually finding nearly 200 cases, largely asymptomatic.

    or…[similar stories have already been planted by the BBC]

    Ms. Gao said she believed China’s top-down model was better equipped to handle the pandemic than the American political system, which she said placed too much emphasis on individual freedom…. “It’s the difference between individualism and collectivism.”

    ** population 500,000

    That’s the kind of agile governance which must make Klaus Schwab wet his pants with accelerated excitement.

  2. Gabriel

    Back in 2017 I bought one bitcoin from Coinbase and added a little bit here and there. Its not much but I wanted to learn about it like Tim and Markus. The main drawback is if I “sell” bitcoin I will have to pay capital gains taxes similar to stocks. Did you know Coinbase started back in 2012? The system has been working on this digital currency a long time.

    Coinbase recently sent email saying they now have a Visa Debit card and a wait list to get it, www.coinbase.com/card. I plan to sign up for that. Markus and Tim, you should take a look at it if you have not already.

    I really enjoyed the interview with Ty. I wish I had become aware at such a young age. I’m not sure how it would have changed me but I know it would have. I look at things so much different now.

  3. dirtybenny

    What an absolute joy to hear a well-spoken, thoughtful young man give his perspective on the state of affairs in this realm. Kudos to Ab for directing a leisurely pace and tone in a conversation that was allowed to breathe and infuse naturally. In many respects, we older fakeologists can too easily become a self-selected echo chamber. We must continue to open our perspectives and remodel our models.

    I look forward to a junior fakeologist round table.

  4. gaia

    More than excellent audio.

    Ab’s monologue is one of the best that has seen the air, ever.

    Markus, you are too much boomer, too stubborn. And evidently more than Ab, who unlearned that, especially the Great Awakening the Great Reset of New World Opportunities had helped in that.

    Discord is a good platform, Markus, just join, don’t behave like a kid now, listen to your wise son, nice to know Ty and glad your father gave permission to talk. I sympathize with you, my dad also was a marketing (=manipulation) master.

    I suggest Ab explores the routes of Bitcoin and reports his best practices so we can catch on, that seems the best way forward. We complement with our best practices and together we matter.

    Markus, your XClaves are part of aSHIFT. and I lined you up for a nice podcast that is recorded at… Eye Am Eye Radio.


    How can anyone in these times suggest SKYPE? Managed by THE Enemy?

    Are these idiots also buying XBox Series (DON’T) instead of PlayStation 5 (DO instead) for Christmas?

    You cannot call yourself aWAKE. or off the grid if you are such an obvious shill for the System.



    Would be nice to see Tyler solo sharing this thoughts with you Ab! With all respect for Markus, but he can do fine without a chaperone looking over his shoulder.

    And if you’re interested in learning Spanish, aHEAD. provides that to you!

    aSHIFT. = XClave

    Markus, accept Discord. No Zoom or fecking Bill Spyke Gates…

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