Inverting viruses from foe to friend can end this

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That, however, would be bad for business.

In the case of viruses, a similar shift is just beginning to happen in the scientific community. The old paradigm about viruses is that we are essentially “virus-free” in our healthy, natural state, and the only viruses that are inside us must be pathogens that came from the outside. This belief was, of course, never proven; it was just stated as dogma, and it dovetailed nicely with the narrative of “nature is out to get us.”

The Belief That Viruses Are Pathogenic Invaders Is Crumbling…

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3 thoughts on “Inverting viruses from foe to friend can end this

  1. barbm124

    did the church ever admit, that the idea of hell and heaven was a hoax? No. They will never admit that viruses don’t exists. They admit though that what they called viral proteins are common in every body but instead of considering that they may have been be wrong they claim know that 50% of our proteins is viral. The common folks don’t know it of course. They still believe in that image of a small pathogen called virus which not even the virologists believe anymore. Stefan Lanka gave an interview recently (in German) where he explains some new interesting things which are being done in all the labs. Ever heard of “fetal calf serum”? Which the labs use to slow down the dying of the cells and bacteria they use to make vaccines and such. Wiki explains that it comes from cow fats, which is a lie. They open pregnant cows alive, open the unborn calves to get the calf blood directly from the heart. Only this way the blood contains what they call stem cells and is then used to keep the cells and bacteria in the lab alive for a little bit longer. that’s what they call “stem cell research”. There are many companies on the market selling this fetal calf serum which is very expensive. They kill millions of pregnant cows around the world every year just for this purpose. Without it the organ and cell probes would survive only for minutes. Everything which is taken out of the living body dies. It’s dead meat. No dead meat can be made alive anymore. No dead organs can be transplanted.

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