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  1. xileffilex

    The Cyber Pandemic was all the talk at virtual Davos 2021.
    Cyber Polygon 2021 will take place on July 9 this year.

    Will Cyber Polygon 2021 be as prophetic as Event 201 in simulating a pandemic response? perspective

    no, simulating a pandemic as well as the response..


    Here’s the cheeky WEF promo video Jan 18 2021 [ready for Davos]

    “a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time.”

    Klaus has also turned all Gatesian medical doctor at Davos 2021, telling us that that there will be no return to normal untill everyone has had the quaxx. – from 24m 45s

    It’s starting to look odds-on

  2. xileffilex

    The Cyber video clip comes from an event hosted in Russia in early July 2020 called CYBER POLYGON which involved not only Schwab and Hermann Gref of Sberbank but also TONY BLAIR and NIK GOWING ** ex-BBC


    Gowing is an interesting character who anchored the Princess Diana fake car crash hoax on BBC in 1997. Gowing was on air for six hours during the BBC’s coverage of the aftermath of the September 11th 2001 attacks, Tell me this guy is not a deep insider…..
    Cyber Polygon is an international capacity building initiative aimed at raising the global cyber resilience and the expansion of intersectoral cooperation against cyberthreats.
    Here’s Concept 2020 of Cyber Polygon

    How can we learn to make right decisions in a crisis before it hits? And how to prevent “digital pandemic”?

    This year at Cyber Polygon, our goal is to simulate very realistic situations allowing our participants to get through a crisis without any consequences and discuss with global leaders how to prevent and deal with such situations in reality.

    Yes indeed, this may well be the “next big one” of mouthpiece Gates being drilled and modelled at this very minute.

    ** Gowing is also involved in the Great Coronavirus Reset…

    Bled Strategic Forum 2020
    Nik Gowing moderated the opening leaders’ panel on Europe after Brexit and COVID-19 in Slovenia on August 31st 2020.

    The panel included the Prime Ministers of Italy, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia, plus the President of Serbia.

    Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, opened the panel by underlining the enormous global economic challenges created by the huge disruptive impact of COVID-19. She paid tribute to Thinking the Unthinkable’s ongoing work to help top leaders handle the scale of disruption.
    “It came in very handy this year because the unthinkable happened,” she said at the start.

    video – livestream.com/accounts/564247…
    i.e Well planned unthinkables.

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