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The face diaper is the sign of the new religion. Even the Pope has converted. Will he lead the new flock?

All religions are based upon belief. Thus, the term 0;belief” becomes the keyword in unlocking the mystery behind why so many people would be willing to cover their face, expressions and smiles.…

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  1. ricky

    Great question xileffilex, it always strikes me as farcical when any media personality, or anyone in an “authoritative position toes the company line when invoking those subjects. You know they know better and shows how so many sacrifice their self-respect in this current system where it’s a mandatory component of success. This is the system worth saving? So nobody has to wear a mask tomorrow, it’s still the same lie system. It has to burn to the ground in my view for any level of integrity to be restored.

    1. xileffilex

      The system of control is much stronger and subtler in the ‘west’ than in China. Dr Michael Yeadon [retired from big pharma – there’s another clue] relates a story that he knew the UK Government’s chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance when they were research students and Yeadon knows he’s far too clever not to know that the line he pushes, the control line which the government wants, is nonsense. It’s hopeless.

      PS the same chief scientific adviser had £600,000 worth of shares in vaccine maker GSK…

      While this did make the mainstream, it is seen as merely another irrelevance. Why remove a safe pair of hands at the top?

      Bottom line: no influencer, whether scientist, politician, film star basketball or football player, is going to risk their reputation by questioning whether viruses exist in the unlikely event that they have reached that conclusion based on a lack of evidence.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    Most skeptics or truthers openly admit that they’d sell out, some even get patronised by masons or houseclowns to keep plates spinning about the hustles,
    I suspect it’s the same in positions of authority, we’ve just had 19 years of the template of 911 being used to inspire truth and what do we get, fakeologist discord is nothing but 20odd dickless masons and their boyfriends having conversations about bull shit , why would it change on a grander scale.
    You born alone if your lucky you die with family around you…….
    Remember though I’m just a fakeologist

  3. xileffilex

    Can anyone in any position of authority or influence in any organisation go against the narrative? Any narrative in fact such as 9/11 the moon landings etc etc? It’s not going to happen is it?

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