The QAnon Psyop and its influence

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Not sure if the articulate Yolande knows the power of the the Qanon , but she should if she’s so advanced in research.

Source: QueueAnon Mom Part 1 – Fakeotube – by Rollo – ?

Here’s the article she refers to. It’s a mild blackwash to dissuade dissent in 0;mothers” groups.

Yolande Norris-Clark is the cofounder of the Free Birth Society, a Canadian group that was established to train women to give birth at home without professional assistance. Clark, who has more than 25,000 followers on Instagram, mostly used to share photos of her eight children and memes about the virtues of childbirth without medical interventions. But lately, her account has a distinctly different flavor. “The mask is a religious icon: devotion, piety, propriety, obedience,” she posted on April 11. “It’s a literal muzzle; a symbolic scold’s bridle.” On her Youtube channel, with a serene smile and a lilting cadence she imparts insights from QAnon ideology. In a video she posted on August 1 titled “Bringer of Light—Fear, Surveillance & Revolution,” she describes coronavirus as a government hoax and alludes to a revolt. “More and more people really are starting to wake up,” she warns.

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