Breaking news! COVID19 cure!

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Bed rest and some nutrition.

Sorry drug companies, there’s nothing to see here.

Deaths are always from over treatment of toxic pharmaceuticals.

From to the flu. Pharma kills. Your body self heals.

Here’s the article on yet another phony virus pandemic that they didn’t promote to today’s hysteria.

It was the start of a bizarre episode at the medical center: the story of the epidemic that wasn’t.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking news! COVID19 cure!

  1. xileffilex

    Finally someone discussing “excess deaths” in April [from about 6.00] which varied hugely between countries. Excess death is what is thrown back at you if you argue that the pandemic is fake, based on new guidelines for reporting cause of death. Kohnlein cites funeral homes saying they were inundated. **
    UK Column describes these as deliberate ‘lockdown deaths’ However, Dr Kohnlein fails to mention that the average age at death ‘with covid’ was no different from deaths in past years, i.e. “it” only seems to cause death at the end of natural life. The only real evidence for excess death is not government controlled data, but numbers of bodies going into the ground or up the chimney, to put it bluntly. And where do we get those from?

    ** “The first quartal of this year was a catastrophe” – Dr Kohnlein reporting traffic through undertakers in Kiel. But the first quartal ends on March 31, so surely it was the second quartal which must have been a catastrophe? And to compound that, later on he contradicts himself saying Germany had no excess deaths, compared with Belgium which did, perhaps the highest in Europe at the time. Where’s the evidence that all these elderly people were being bumped off with HCQ?

    1. barbm124

      in his German interviews he explains it a little bit different. They all have the problem, that they know ,they lied all the time but they cannot admit it directly in fear of loosing all the benefits. Imagine a catholic cardinal who knows there is no hell and heaven but still does his best to keep the face. They only change sides when they are forced to or have nothing to lose anymore. Even then they will never directly admit that all they ever did for a living was causing damage and pain and make people suffer. This Dr. Köhnlein does that though in the recent Interview here:
      He explains that doctors follow papers published in The Lancet or other official recommendations even when they directly make the experience that this does not any good to the patients. They have to or they will loose their approvals. It takes long times of damage until sources like The Lancet are forced to admit that some popular medication is not good at all and then recommend a new medication which of course isn’t better at all but mostly only has a new name and this goes on and on. And even their patients are mostly so scared that they eagerly ask for any new medication even when they know it will cause damage for sure and may not help at all. Just the mere existence of a “new medication” creates the suggestion that there is help available. It’s no different to the middle ages.

  2. barbm124

    he seems to be a nice guy, he confirms all of what Stefan Lanka said many times. The treatment causes the sickness and kills people, all the “viral” sicknesses cannot be treated at all and they are not the reason for the deaths, people die because of bad preconditions or heavy medication but not because of supposed viruses. Test don’t work, some companies make lot’s of money enforcing all that crap on people., etc. He admits that the previous cures, be it AZT for Aids and cancer or Tamiflu, or hydroxychloroquine (previously used for Malaria treatment, now for Corona) are very poisonous and making everything worse.
    He is another expert with a name who has the balls to half openly question the measures.
    Yet still none of them experts tells the simple truth: we’ve been lied to since the beginning of the western medicine. It’s all based on lies. Nothing there is as it appears to be. And everybody is in it. The politicians (no “candidate” dares to promise to change the medicine into something better), the doctors, all the media people, the journalists, the lawyers, insurance companies. Everyone. In Germany the kids in schools has to wear masks all day now (we keep our kids at home because of that and for now the schools play along). There is talk about a new lockdown called “light” but this time kids are expected to go to schools and wear masks all day long. On the other side, this Reiner Fuellmich laywer openly calls Dr. Drosten (the German Fauchi) a fraud, who obviously faked his PHD. Who knows. maybe this show will be over sooner than we think. This is the World War of our generation. Now you can understand how they scripted the previous wars.

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