FAK252-Markus and Faye on 9/11

like this

Misom and do a big call breaking down the .


Faye on 9/11 research

Nico Haupt

Faye’s 9/11 Google spreadsheet

Loeb Enterprises II

Claude Shannon Ultimate Machine

Neuroweapon Dr. Giordano



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14 thoughts on “FAK252-Markus and Faye on 9/11

        1. torgo

          ok, i found it by searching just 175. That was the other comment I made. This one is about the link provided for Faye’s spreadsheet being wrong and being an imdb link. Is it possible to fix it? thanks

  1. gaia

    It is nice to get to know a bit more about XClave.

    But hearing Markus put “benevolent dictator” and “in XClave there is no ownership” in one sentence sounds like a scarlet scary combination….

    And Markus, you not only read my comment about you being inconsistent with your criticism of Uncle Odd to take the legal way, now it turns even hypocritical, if you take “gun laws” as a criterion for XClave??

    Why is that? Do you really believe with some handguns you can stop the US/Mexican/Guatemaltec army?

    I thought aSPIRE. of aSHIFT. would fit seamlessly into XClave, because I have the same plans I thought.

    But the difference is with aSHIFT. is that
    A) I am not the leader, and certainly not the dictator, of it, it is a philosophy, so everyone can live it, from their own free will
    B) ownership is private and personal, aSHIFT. is adding to the current activities of someone, NOT replacing it and certainly not taking something away (ownership)
    C) aSHIFT. ‘s strive is to go Off the Grid as much as possible, and it doesn’t depend on “gun laws”.
    D) meaning it can be in any country where we have truth seekers, and we do have such a reach already in many countries. All continents are represented in Eye am Eye Radio.

    I hope Markus comes on Eye am Eye Radio, or on Fakeologist audio chat, and ideally both, to further explain this still quite mysterious XClave. I use Discord, so Markus get on there! Get over your issues with an ideal platform for voice and -if done well- information sharing. Stop being a stubborn boomer!

    Markus, you are a marketing guy, how can you imagine people will pay 19 USD a WEEK? for something that is so obscure and has no public overview of what you pay into? aSHIFT. needs no initial monetary investment, it is based on CTC;

    Commitment Through Change

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    i do agree though that if it was ancient history and not important then there would be disney dollars being made about 911 ,
    but that would mean admitting most of the 911 truthers were paid to spin 911ates and some of the shills need mandela money, and what not ha

  3. xileffilex

    Really enjoyable chat, especially the Palaeofakeology trip down 9/11 avenue. Take-home message: listen to more Alan Watt. This short 2011 video is a nice precis of where we are now. I don’t have a surplus time though for ploughing through his 5 hour monologues.

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