1 thought on “Virology is mythology

  1. ewing2001

    I also believe virology is a huge scam, only to make money with vaccines and related stuff !
    I think the Plahue was the very first false flag on that matter and did not exist.
    As i wrote in my May 2020 article at justpaste.it/coronavirusisaHoa… :
    “……before 1649ish there was no disease (see justpaste.it/google1649ishUpda…),
    the Plague was fever and the flu, Smallpox was Herpes and some bio weapon, Measles is Pneumonia,
    Cholera is Vomitting, Cancer is some fungus, HIV was Hepatitis B, Dengue was Fever,
    Ebola was Fever and some bio weapon,
    Zika is Fever and COVID-19 is a Hoax – you bet !!
    Don’t trust the “pharmaCIA” !…”

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