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Pick your side

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Another amazing call to rise up and turn on the genocidal technocratic system.

Via Was the Vienna False Flag a Retaliation for the Claire Edwards Viral Reading of the Notice of Liability Re: the CovID Scam??? greencrowasthecrowflies.blogsp…

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The hundred-year-old history of where we are now

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This is a psywar and this guy explains it brilliantly. As usual, we can give credit to the masters of the brain at Tavistock.

[Windows on the World] Covid19 – Psychological Warfare #windowsOnTheWorld
podcastaddict.com/episode/1019… via @PodcastAddict

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Uncle Odd’s NOL show

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NOLs may be the common law solution out of this mess.

Join Uncle Odd tonight live on fakeotube.com at 6:55pm.

Uncle Odd Fakeotube Channel @ fake11.com/uncleodd

Uncle Odd’s youtube forever link: fake11.com/uncleodd
Uncle Odd’s Telegram t.me/uncleodd and t.me/uncleodddiscussion

Mask: fake11.com/mask

NOL letter: fake11.com/nol

Mike…yesterday was a HUGE day!!!

I got my NOLs in the mail with the notice of, “If you’ve received this, you’re F”(KED”…spiral bound.

Tonight I’m having a Zoom call on my “The Uncle Odd Show” channel on YT (which will surely be struck within an hour of posting…I don’t care…as long as people subscribe to me at t.me/uncleodd it doesn’t matter how many times I’m deplatformed, I’ll keep popping up like a whack-a-mole”.

The call is going to begin with a 20-minute video documentary of my personal assembly process from beginning to end (even videoed the postal worker stamping everything).

After watching the video, the group of a half-dozen studs (all the dudes smarter than me on this stuff) and I are talking IN DETAIL about every page of the NOL to provide explanation for those who may also want to join the action. It’ll be an “NOL 101”.

Since so many of my following friends have come from your community, I have a sneaky suspicion they will enjoy this Zoom call.

Can you please let your community know…and encourage them to pass the word on also?

I’ll be taking questions from the chat. It’s a great opportunity to explain a document and process that is “clear as mud” to most of us…and help make sense of it.

Thanks, Mike! Can’t wait to get back on your show. LOTS to talk about! Here’s my new channel.



P.S. I guarantee after people watch the LS and understand we’ve paved the way with templates and the “how” (with supporting video), they’ll be encouraged to join the fight.

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Cloth masks make things worse

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… And paper masks have toxic compounds and glass fibers that do far more harm than good.

Take it from a chief scientist who says the science has been lost.

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