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No doubt money controls the world and its governments. Who controls all the money then?

BIS is the most powerful bank in the world, a global central bank for the Eight Families who control the private central banks of almost all Western and developing nations. The first President of BIS was Rockefeller banker Gates McGarrah- an official at Chase Manhattan and the Federal Reserve. McGarrah was the grandfather of former CIA director Richard Helms. The Rockefellers- like the Morgans- had close ties to London. David Icke writes in Children of the Matrix, that the Rockefellers and Morgans were just

Source: The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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  1. xileffilex

    The UK blogger “Steven Guinness” [who has surprisingly gone rather quiet recently] wrote about the BIS back in July.…

    The BIS [and the IMF] seem to be rubbing their hands in the coronavirus ’emergency’ has accelerated moves towards a digital currency. The BIS has since mid 2019 itself developed physical “Innovation Hubs” around the world [equivalent of platforms]

    as the next step in their progression towards the global adoption of digital currencies.

    [quoting Guinness]

    2025 is a key date also with the BIS, with the setting up of [per Steven Guinness]
    Innovation BIS 2025: A Stepping Stone Towards an Economic ‘New World Order’…
    October 23 2019
    out of which emerged the Innovation Hubs.

    And the Coronavirus emergency has provide a welcome push for the BIS and IMF…
    October 7 2020….
    Rebuilding better: Banks, central banks and governments in a Covid economy

    not building back but rebuilding better….Agustin Carstens praises the central banks for printing money like confetti and stabilising markets

    The response was not only large-scale and swift, but also innovative. That was necessary since the Covid-crisis is unique and unexpected,

    LOL!! Remedy – more resilience [and no doubt digital currencies]

    In the face of an unexpected adversary: the crucial role for central banks
    Jul 1, 2020

    Update October 9 2020
    Central banks and BIS publish first central bank digital currency (CBDC) report laying out key requirements

    Media briefing on CBDC publication
    October 9 2020

    The BIS has set up an innovation Hub in Stockholm, which seems to mesh with reports of Sweden being the first country to abandon cash in 2023
    June 30 2020
    New locations in Toronto, London, Frankfurt & Paris and Stockholm strategic partnership in New York in addition to current locations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland.

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