What’s Russia doing about Covaids?

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Social tracking app says selfie every 4 hours with gps or 4000 ruble fine.

[No Agenda] 1293: 0;Covidiots” ? @adamcurry
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2 thoughts on “What’s Russia doing about Covaids?

  1. ricky

    I take those guys “stories” with a grain (or ounce) of salt. A little later in the show Adam said one of his friends “got covid,” but quickly “recovered. A couple of true lightweights when it comes to media fakery, lets hear them talk about “space travel,” mass shootings, crisis actors, 911 as a movie etc. Never gonna happen, most of their audience will never know any deeper truths, nor do I think they would want to.

  2. xileffilex

    …or Greece whose “2nd wave” psy-op allow people to go out to buy basics only if they can’t have them delivered and requires them to carry passport/id PLUS supporting paperwork ** to attest to their reason for going out of their houses[ from a UK contributor to LRF] outside the MDT-0500 curfew. The rest of the rules are the standard UN disseminated means of population control.

    ** or send a text to the authorities to tell them you’re venturing out, with the reason captured on your invasive-phone [i-phone for short]
    There’s no end to this in sight.


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