Baffling you with stats

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The controllers know you hate . They know you’ll never be able to interpret a few tables and graphs.

Yet another woman warrior.

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2 thoughts on “Baffling you with stats

  1. YouCanCallMeAl

    Lies, damned lies and statistics. If you can ramp up testing, count walking well as ill, change how death statistics are measured AND your testing returns false positives, you are not going to get to the truth of the matter. Even less so, if your test has a ‘number of cycles’ parameter which you can dial up or down to generate more or less false positives for you.

    But no one is interested to look at all the alternative research that is there (nevermind doing their own) or disturb their slumber… that would involve a crisis of faith in the action being undertaken by their governments. Its just easier to go along with it all.. it will soon pass, right?

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