Brave Vandana Shiva speaks out against the Great Reset

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In October 2020 she warned: “With his philanthro-imperialism, Gates is emerging as the Columbus of the digital age, the New Monsanto pushing failed GMOs and trying to introduce new GMOs based on gene editing”. (2)…

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1 thought on “Brave Vandana Shiva speaks out against the Great Reset

  1. xileffilex

    Here’ the latest document full of pearls from the WEF, co-authored by Mercer
    Resetting the Future of Work Agenda:
    Disruption and Renewal in a Post-COVID World…

    Under the overall umbrella of the Forum’s 10-year Reskilling Revolution initiative, this report is intended as a call to action for companies and organizations
    to update and reset their future of work preparedness agendas for a more relevant and inclusive post-pandemic “new” future of work.

    This is the Great Clearout of workers.

    accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis

    ….prior to the pandemic many [organisations] were [automating, reskilling] at a pace not aligned to the accelerated speed of change brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and other global trends.

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