The mask is a psychological compliance symbol

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If you wear one, you’re in the cult.

It is patently obvious that a mask is a complex device, whether a physical covering of some sort as well as a non-physical means to present something as a ‘fact’ (readily observable, provable in some way) rather than an’ idea’ which might be contested.

Given the above words regarding masks, it is obvious that a number of those are relevant to the present ‘Corona-virus’ scandle (or whatever you want to call it), There a many aspects of this diabolical play, (I refuse to use the ‘COVID19’ appellation on account of its obvious negative numerology for fans of this medium) which fit the definitions).

One of the reasons, perhaps this is why masks were chosen. Each time one sees a masked person, one is constantly remined that there is a ‘virus’. This is anti-social distancing, if ever there was such, as well as determining conformance with alleged ‘authority’.

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus….

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