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JR on the Great Reset and Trump

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If Trump serves a new term as president, we must apply enormous pressure to make him support, and take WHATEVER ACTION is necessary, to ensure freedom survives and the economy is OPENED ALL THE WAY. PERMANENTLY.

Forget pipe dreams and fantasies about Trump. This war is far from over.

The US, along with many other countries, has been invaded. The enemy is within the gates. Moving like locusts through a field, they’ve destroyed millions of businesses and companies and people.

If this doesn’t call for swift and decisive and remorseless executive action, nothing does.

Time magazine features The Great Reset slimeball edition for your edification blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/1…

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You will obey – ‘Do What You’re Told’

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Evil comes in many forms.

This guy deserves a special place at Lucifer’s foot.

Dr. Fauci said that the “independent spirit” of Americans has gotten in the way.


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How they’ll fake the success of the COVID vaccine

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You’d almost believe that John wrote the script.

I’ve described how the major clinical trials of the COVID vaccine are designed to prevent nothing more than a cough, or chills and fever [1] [2].

The whole plan to gain FDA approval of the vaccine is a stark fraud.


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Reaching the unreachable

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Mark has a great post full of nuggets.

I wonder, however, how much time we need to divert to study of the virus fraud that underlies the pandemic. It is far above the heads of 98% of our fellow citizens, who are unreachable. This includes educated and uneducated alike, including scientists, doctors and other elites.

A silent film for your enjoyment pieceofmindful.com/2020/11/13/…

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By now the deaths attributed to Covid-19 are reduced to ridiculous numbers (but still pumped up and exploited as much as possible by the corrupt media). So, the problem for the “pandemists” has become how to extend the fake pandemic?


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Covid RIP Ripper

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One psyop ices off another. Our rulers are shameless and relentless in their interlacing of lies.

The British serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper, a man who instilled terror and fear across northern England in the 1970s, died Friday at a hospital there. He was 74.

Peter Sutcliffe, a former grave digger, was serving concurrent life sentences for killing 13 women in Yorkshire and northwest England between 1975 and 1980.

British media reported he had refused treatment after testing positive for COVID-19 and was suffering from a number of underlying health conditions. His death will be investigated by the coroner.


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It comes with “facts”

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Teach your little germs well.
Be sure to clip the coupon.

GIANTmicrobes Coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Educational Soft Red Stuffed Plush Toy www.amazon.ca/dp/B08DP15VGZ/re…

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They’ll settle on 33 cycles

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The fraudulent PCR test debate is never that it detects something inate and not harmful to us, but instead focusses on the number of exponential heat/cool amplification cycles.

Fauci wisdom is that anything over 35 is completely useless, a minimum number being used around the world.

Watch for it to be dropped to a universal 33 (useless) cycles, says Adam.

[No Agenda] 1294: “Ephemeral Experience” @adamcurry
podcastaddict.com/episode/1151… via @PodcastAddict

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Another fat guy telling you about your health

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We have one in Ontario telling us what to do.

This guy with the mess on his mask is over the top.

With apologies to all obese men who are chemically poisoned with glyphosate and alcohol.

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