How they’ll fake the success of the COVID vaccine

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You’d almost believe that John wrote the script.

I’ve described how the major clinical trials of the COVID vaccine are designed to prevent nothing more than a cough, or chills and fever [1] [2].

The whole plan to gain FDA approval of the vaccine is a stark fraud.…

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3 thoughts on “How they’ll fake the success of the COVID vaccine

  1. xileffilex

    And then what? Imagine the nightmare scenario in which everybody is “vaccinated” [how often?] it’s perceived to be ‘successful’ based on massaging the tests and everybody receives their “covid-pass” on the grid . We’re not going back to ‘normal’ though are we? What is part II of the script? Or part III? There will be no end to these cycles.

    PS 3.6m tested in Slovakia at once, 38K ‘ new cases’ discovered just over 1 in 100.

    For some reason the Financial Times quotes 57,500 ‘new cases’
    and the Guardian cites a

    “0.4% false positive rate [which] means around 15,000 of them are likely to have been false, while there will have been many more people who do have the virus which the test did not detect.

    I’m not sure where this “false positive rate” comes from

    1. gaia

      I think “viruses” (they have an endless supply of non-isolated pleomorphs) are the new “babyhoaxes”. Like with “van attacks”, “school shootings” and “tewwowist attacks” it is not meant to make sense.

      Once “Corona” is “beaten”, the next Crownvirus pops up. And the next…

      Pharmageddon, the new dotcom doom.


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