2 thoughts on “FAC789-Odd calls

  1. ricky

    I’m still listening to this call as I write this, the first few minutes capsulized the deeper problems we’re facing as fakeologists. They’re much worse than wearing masks, I’m sympathetic to everyone becoming alienated from loved ones because they aren’t willing or able to overcome their lifelong indoctrination (brainwashing.) Abs’ story about his own family rejecting him was sad to listen to, but not anything new in my life. My theory is this virus hoax is being used to soften up the masses for a die-off that’s coming. A collapse of the monetary system and requisite job losses, or vice versa, currency devaluation, political collapse, social unrest etc. can all be pawned off as a “pandemic catastrophe.” The reactions of Abs’ family and my own recent experiences suggest people are buying the narrative and are preparing mentally. They’re just not preparing for their govt. benefits or investments dying off as well.

    1. xileffilex

      It’s difficult when you live with people – intelligent people – who swallow the propaganda whole. It didn’t matter with obvious hoaxes like the Boston smoke bomb, but now the tension is apparent every day. For such people, it is too far a stretch to believe that the whole MSM is controlled and spreading the same state or UN propaganda. I don’t just mean the BBC or The Guardian – try reading the Economist! These people whose income has not been affected so far treat these lockdowns as a board game – how do we satisfy the current ‘rules’? – but even they won’t aren’t fireproofed against the great meldown. They think they’ll have a retirement pension to look forward to…

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