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  1. ricky

    Funny moment at 24:23, “How stupid are Canadians? How stupid are we as humans??!!” ………………………………………Answer………Real Stupid!!

  2. xileffilex

    Great show. She’s right that it’s a bit too early or revolutionary for Fox to call the plandemic a hoax just yet
    – powerful people didn’t just begin “to use the pandemic ” for their radical change – theyt created the pandemic in the first place.

    [around 2.40]
    But again pieces such as this might prompt viewers to do more research.

    Nobody is asking the important question why this ‘vaccine’ is so different from all others that it requires -94F for storage…
    ABC, November 13 2020:

    The freezers needed to properly store Pfizer’s vaccine are “almost like unicorns in health care — they’re far and hard to find,” said Soumi Saha, PharmD, JD, the senior director of Premier, Inc.“Nobody has any experience working with a vaccine at that temperature,” Saha added. “And so this is going to be the greatest drug distribution challenge that our country has ever faced because of the unique circumstances around the temperature requirement.”

    Is this a psy-op in itself, or is it real? We don’t know. Allegedly the Moderna vaccine -4F storage only…. – has been tested on human guinea pigs
    Back on January 31 2020 [the day after the WHO declared a PHEIC…] at Politico:

    Moderna‘s vaccine is using a “plug and play **” platform that has been tested with a variety of other germs on about 1,000 people **** without unusual side effects, while producing good evidence of immunity, [its CMO Tal] Zaks said.

    ** in theory DNA or RNA from a huge number of germs can be “plugged” into the same vaccine platform – source GAVI – quickly developed by “31 January” because allegedly the Chinese had sequenced the coronavirus. [Has anyone ever repeated that?]

    **** and when the paper was published in NEJM in July, it reported on only 45 human guinea pigs tested with TWO vaccinations
    In this interim report of follow-up of participants through day 57, we were not able to assess the durability of the immune responses; however, participants will be followed for 1 year after the second vaccination with scheduled blood collections throughout that period to characterize the humoral and cellular immunologic responses.

    and they want to rush this out now to millions of people?

    Finally, agent of change Penelope Chester Starr has taken down her twitter account and also her blog following her unmasking. No smoke without fire…

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