6 thoughts on “The elite that rule over us

  1. dirtybenny

    Closer to lizards than a living man’s divine nature.

    They are not elite and they do not rule over me. Their parasitic hive controls this realm and are likely damned to it.


    More Illinois androgyne demons….

    Chicago mayor demon Lightfoot….its “lesbian” partner Amy Eshleman clearly another MTF androgyne. They always use lesbian as a cover for androgyny…..Billie Jean King, Janet Reno, Navratilova, etc, etc…

    Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwady


    For those few who are willing to see……

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    nothing to do with the scumbags and perverts in the video, i bet most of the shithouses weve seen in the past two or three years have all been filmed wrist deep in a minor or an animal. like trump has
    but on a lighter note i spent 10 mins a number of years ago talking to a young lady who was canvassing for some union and she had oblong pupils , could be contact lenses but i didnt realise till id headed home

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