More Klaus Hitler

likes this

There, I said it. Suck it you bald demon.

SDGs are globalist STDs.

I wonder if the GCR would have worked without the virus hoax part. Somehow I think not. It’s the constant vaccine angle that really disturbs me. Perhaps that’s the point.

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  1. xileffilex

    Good question.
    Actually, if you look back at the various pandemic simulation exercises, there’s precious little discussion of either vaccines or FINANCE/ECONOMICS. It’s inconceivable that the shutdown of the world economy wasn’t modelled beforehand – yet all we have from Event 201 is this thin piece, mainly concerned with developing countries:

    Perhaps that’s why these drills were so widely available as they were a distraction from what was really the goal.

    Nobody is asking serious questions about these [well documented] m-RNA vaccines [see below] which have to be stored at “-70C”. [Mass?] vaccination is one big “black box”. Does the ‘vaccine’ have to be active to put one on the identity pass control grid?

    e.g. Fauci and co-workers 2018

    review: Self-amplifying RNA vaccines for infectious diseases- Nature Oct 22 2020

    Here’s another great anti-Reset rant on Aussie SkyNews [please no knee-jerk CO/Hegelian Dialectic responses – take from it what you will]


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