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  1. dirtybenny

    This is all about Posthumanism.
    Everything will be channeled through the insatiable AI. Traditional inefficient ineffective governments wouldn’t know what to do with this quantity and complexity of data if it was spoonfed to them.

    In addition to organic portals being hypnotically entrained to the AI through their phones, television, motion pictures, and sigil magick, more overt measures will be revealed through the CV-AI (19) operation. Most specifically this will be the vax which has nothing to do with an infectious virus.

    I present as examples
    1. Zoom meetings for work and play.
    2. At home schooling and university via zoom and online interaction.
    3. Dating apps and programs. Tinder, OKCupid, etc.
    4. Online gaming.
    5. Telemedecine.
    6. Virtual concerts and livestreams.
    7. Discord and chat programs.
    8. Virtual church and religious ceremonies.
    9. Emojis.
    10.Online shopping and Amazon.
    11. Online food delivery.
    12. Uber
    13, Texting replacing talking.
    14. Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
    15. Sex. Online pornography.
    16. Digitizing music. CDs, mp3s.
    17. Digital photography, Photoshop. Digital art.
    18. Digitizing books…Kindle and Fire.
    19. News reports digitized and synchronized.
    20. Robocalls.
    21. Working from home via screen.
    22. Voice recognition software.
    23. Facial recognition software.
    24. Uniformity of message in commercials and advertising.
    25. Online gambling.
    26. Digital voting machines.
    27. Digital airline and concert tickets with kiosks.
    28. ATMs and digital banking.
    29. Cryptocurrency.

    I am sure I am still missing alot as this has been a progressive and comprehensive “program”.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      It’s all about total control. Access to everything with a pass, mostly for tracking and resource management but ultimately to control human rights sources like any other commodity.

      All those pesky non conforming small businesses have to be destroyed to ensure the new ones are brought up in the TIA grid. It’s simply easier to get rid of the old to bring in the new. We don’t fix small appliances anymore now, do we?


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