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Fake elections – computer counting

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It’s time to go back to in person voting, ink dipped finger tips, and hand counting.

All computer and machines MUST GO. This admonition was given by the developer of the first PC (personal computer), Adam Osborne in “Running Wild” published in 1979. He said computers are great, but never for elections because no one can be sure what is happening in them. Can computers theoretically run accurate elections if everyone involved is honest? Of course. But when the future of the city, the county, the state, the nation, and the world is at stake — the motive to warp the election is too great.

Can paper ballots be counted by hand accurately if they are taken out of the public sight first if everyone involved is honest?

Of course. But when the future of the city, the county, the state, the nation, and the world is at stake — the motive to warp the election is too great. 


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Miles Mathis’ Electile Dysfunction

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Interesting piece, including saying that Dr. Shiva is a fraud/asset/propagandist.

I told you a while ago Trump would win and I told you why: the Republican Party died around 1990 and hasn’t been capable of winning a Presidential election by honest means since then. Of course no election since the dawn of time has proceeded by honest means, so that is a complex statement. What I mean is, only about 20% of eligible voters were actually voting Republican, though you wouldn’t know it from the fake numbers reported. You could only figure it out by other means. I showed you how to do that in 2012. You will say if that is so, then I must be implying Trump stole the election. No, not really. He didn’t steal it, via Russia or anywhere else. It was all pre-arranged, with the agreement of Biden and all the rest. Biden knew he was going to lose. Trump and Biden are just political actors, hiding the real centers of power. You may know it as the deep state, but I don’t call it that because there is nothing particularly deep about it. Hidden, yes; deep, no

Here’s a recommended site.


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If you believe in spacex/NASA, then enjoy your covaids

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No one hanging out here believes in NASA, the moon landing, the ISS, or any type of space travel.

We know, based on their own contradictions, that all of it is simply Hellywood special effects.

Here the script writers tie covaids and masks with their phony space story.

Trump / Pence, the right’s false prophets, are also doing nothing but going along with the fakery.

With COVID-19 still surging, NASA continued the safety precautions put in place for SpaceX’s crew launch in May. The astronauts went into quarantine with their families in October. All launch personnel wore masks, and the number of guests at Kennedy was limited. Even the two astronauts on the first SpaceX crew flight stayed behind at Johnson Space Center in Houston.


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Greeks stay off internet

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A nudge to stay off during waking hours while locked up during your home arrest.

While most are probably jamming the wires with the packet clogging netflix, it’s probably just another step to censor or slow any type of unofficial information.

In the country with the most expensive internet in Europe, the government recommends to citizens locked up in their homes to not hang out on internet during peak hours in order to not challenge “the smooth, uninterrupted and responsible operation of the telecommunication networks.”

According to Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, citizens should not use online entertainment applications, social media and video calls during peak hours (from 9 am to 6 pm).


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