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  1. xileffilex

    Schwab’s Great Reset is still verboten in the UK mainstream, despite being out in the open for nearly six months! I think this tells us a lot.
    A few people are nibbling round the edges eg conservative commentator James Delingpole

    When will any UK politicians talk about it openly?

    The only BBC article which even mentions the Great Reset concerns the book written in 2010 by Toronto Professor Richard Florida, which contains some ideas fleshed out by Herr Schwab, The Great Reset: How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity

    BBC discussion Sun 23 Oct 2011

    [Urbanist] Richard Florida is still around, more optimistic about cities – but that was in summer 2020…. no mention of Schwab’s Great Reset….

    [4 mins] “if our cities fall apart, NY, SF LA Chicago, good luck putting America back together” [video]


    [1 hour]

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