Miles Mathis’ Electile Dysfunction

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Interesting piece, including saying that Dr. Shiva is a fraud/asset/propagandist.

I told you a while ago Trump would win and I told you why: the Republican Party died around 1990 and hasn’t been capable of winning a Presidential election by honest means since then. Of course no election since the dawn of time has proceeded by honest means, so that is a complex statement. What I mean is, only about 20% of eligible voters were actually voting Republican, though you wouldn’t know it from the fake reported. You could only figure it out by other means. I showed you how to do that in 2012. You will say if that is so, then I must be implying Trump stole the election. No, not really. He didn’t steal it, via Russia or anywhere else. It was all pre-arranged, with the agreement of Biden and all the rest. Biden knew he was going to lose. Trump and Biden are just political actors, hiding the real centers of power. You may know it as the deep state, but I don’t call it that because there is nothing particularly deep about it. Hidden, yes; deep, no

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