Escalating the lie-rus

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Love this new word.

The movie Songbird conditioning is predicting the next Gates phase 2 biowar simulation will affect the brain.

Even though this is utter nonsense, as viri as they portray them are dead and can only invade and hijaak cells, the psychological damage to humans from stress could manifest physically, in some form, on brain scans.

Either way, this psyop may be about to go to a new level of fear.

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2 thoughts on “Escalating the lie-rus

  1. xileffilex

    The “Long Covid” branch of this psy-op has been incubating for many months, since June…
    The latest exciting revelation [thanks to Imperial College London and also King’s College London] is that the “deadly virus” can shrink your IQ by 8.5 points…..[in collaboration with the BBC – yes, really!]
    Not peer reviewed, naturally, but it’s mainstream news.…
    Cognitive deficits in people who have recovered from COVID-19 relative to controls: An N=84,285 online study

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