5 thoughts on “Another one out of seven hundred thousand scientists speaking out against covaids

  1. barbm124

    he has to stick to his old pseudoscience because he did it for a living for a long time and cannot simply deny his own life. Bhakdi was a leading biologist on the University of Mainz for 21 years, is now retired and his former employer has to disassociate itself from his former chief scientist. Just because he dares to say, it’s not as bad as the media are telling us. Just for this. He did’t say anything else so far. Much more interesting is a Dr. Claus Köhnlein who is telling interesting things about how medicine uses any poison for anything just because…ermm… why not? He also does not admit that it is all fake. Not even the new famous Reiner Füllmich admits that. It’s only Stefan Lanka who tells us that openly. And has scientific arguments to support it.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    he’s pushing contagion, but that’s not as annoying as others we’ve heard over the year, and worth a listen, my opinion is a virus is a reaction so its like trying to cure a bruise.
    the chaps interviewing are worth the watch alone.


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