Covid consequences

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Update 11-18:

While the extreme stress was possibly the trigger, she’s been diagnosed with Type1 diabetes as the cause of her declining health.

As with all the big diseases, no-one knows, or seems to want to know, the cause of this early adult diagnosis of diabetes.

Lately, I think that one possible culprit that the Big Agra/Pharma/Chem industries don’t want revealed as at least a contributing factor is pesticides and poisons used to feed and manufacture our world. While the increasing RF soup that we’re swimming in may have some unstudied effect, the all pervasive glyphosate as an endocrine disrupter is surely not being investigated fully for its dramatic impact on human health.

She also was forced to take a covaids test by the physician (not the hospital policy.) She was reported negative (as we all are.)

The hospital was also empty. All functioning hospitals should be full enough to 0;make money” or at least justify their existence, a delicate balance.

My daughter was taken to hospital tonight. Covaids prevents us from going with her.

Her health has deteriorated since going to virtual university, mostly due to the unnatural social isolation from her old friends and not being able to meet new ones.

Couple that with a completely unprepared digital curriculum and you have a recipe for disaster.

She has gone from otherwise healthy to heart and blood sugar problems, all likely stress related.

The wonderful Uncle Odd quickly put together this amazing video.

No, I have no idea how he did the .

Uncle Odd, the world needs more like you. It’s a pleasure to know you.

We will keep you posted on Megan.

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3 thoughts on “Covid consequences

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    wishing jr fakeologist a speedy recovery ,and a return to normal soon ,we all love you sweetheart
    and if you slow down uncle odds magic trick to 0.25 speed you can see when his heart breaks as hes destroying his lanyards , no im kidding , great trick uncle odd , cheered me up too
    all the best young lady , and im sure your father is already planning your whistleblowing exclusive audio
    hey ab no interviews on the way back from the hospital

    all the best darling


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