The Apollo software could not power a calculator let alone a spacecraft

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Once more, the millionth piece of truth in plain sight, waiting to see if the masses can do basic research.

You know the answer.

I came across the source code for the Apollo flight computer. It seems some guy has bothered to scan the printouts so that they can be compiled and executed in a emulator:…
Forgiving the fact that a computer with 24Kbytes and a 2MHz clock would hardly have the muscle to perform the complex calculations needed for stabilizing a rocket, guiding it in a complex trajectory to/from the Moon and even controlling all the onboard systems, I’ve peered into the code looking for what should be the most complex part, that is, the rocket control and guidance algorithm… and the conclusions for anyone who has even a bare minimum of programming knowledge is that it is an absolute fake!

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2 thoughts on “The Apollo software could not power a calculator let alone a spacecraft

  1. ricky

    Anything “space related” in the media gives me a laugh nowadays, “zero hedge” had a piece today saying the U.S. Marines have activated their “Space unit” in order to secure “low earth orbit.” Last week it was something about an “asteroid” that we all need to worry about…….again. Remember when they promoted all these ICBM silos scattered all over the U.S. Hundreds of them, manned 24-7 and armed with nuclear warheads able to reach anywhere in the world in under 30 minutes! Of course they never tested even a dummy rocket from say, the middle of Kansas, it probably wouldn’t even make the state line. These “space travel” stories along with “space weaponization,” “satellite exploration and launches” etc. are continually floated in the media, no matter how silly they sound, it creates and reinforces “reality” in our “perfectly dumbed down population.” Funny and tragic at the same time.

  2. xileffilex

    I always laugh at those banks of idiots behind computer screens in Kourou or wherever these fake rockets are supposed to be launched from and wonder what on earth they are doing before the inevitable jumping up and fake hugging and shaking hands [not though in these ‘new normal’ days now **] when everything goes exactly to plan yet again?
    **Just a little mild clapping now among the masked clowns at Spacex HQ in California a few days ago during a 17,500mph ISS [lol!]’docking exercise… around 8h 13m 50s. [no I didn’t sit through 10 hours of this expensive acted garbage]

    Who can believe this nonsense?

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