Who are they?

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It’s a most difficult question to answer – normies can’t believe there is a top to this pyramid. They think everything is random from chaos.
This video helps explain it.


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5 thoughts on “Who are they?

  1. dirtybenny

    A force of logic…..not in my opinion. More of a force of flawed logic and limited imagination

    Although I am a huge fan of T8H and TNG, I totally disagree with this paradigm submitted by one of their posters. I think both T8H and TNG have presented other models that have a far better sense of logic, though gloomy and somewhat lacking in a spiritual component. I will post below.

    Money and its pursuit is at the heart of the structure of all of civilization? I totally disagree. Those at the top literally print the money and determine its value for the parasited slaves. Just because the slaves are indoctrinated to love money, does not mean that the controllers do. That is illogical. It is a tool created to control the farm. They tell us how much money actors, actresses, CEOs, etc “make” to reinforce the lie. I doubt all their stories about their so-called millionaires and billionaires. Just because they “look like us” does not mean they are the same as us. A successful parasite must operate with deception. Their behavour, not their looks, is the tell.

    Pursue money regardless of the consequences to others….not a true living man or woman. Perhaps a demonic entity or meatsuit devoid of a soul would. The same entities that would injure living men and women with poisons, vaccines, fluoride, perpetual lies about who we are and our true nature, and brutal lockdowns over fictitious contagions. Living men and women are creative, emotional, empathetic, divine eternal beings. Has anyone ever been moved to tears by a song, or motion picture? Was that about money? No, they use our true nature of emotions and care to extract resources and money from us, as a successful parasite would.
    That is one of the many reasons some are so attached to their motion pictures, television shows and music stars. The evoked emotions have bonded them to the parasite. Education and civilization attempts to quash that and hide our true nature from us. I personally know a physician who went jobless due to refusing to prescribe vaccinations to the elderly.

    Does anyone know of any 80 year old millionaire that wants to make flights, campaign stops, give speeches and press conferences? Or would they rather be at a private beach, drinking martinis with a bevy of young beauties? Is this for more money?
    Does anyone believe that an 80+ year old rock “star” such as Sir Billy Shears or Sir Mick Jagger wants to go on tour? Did Elvis want to play several shows a day in Las Vegas? Is this to make more money?

    Why was it so desperately important to the system that everyone vote in these kabuki elections? On some level it needs your consent to compromise your soul. You have to damn yourself by buying in to their civilization.

    Is all of the one eye symbolism, corporate logo design, military and police uniform design all filled with occult esoteric meaning so they can make more money? All the priests and judges in black dresses make more money as well.
    After all, CV-AI shutting down Las Vegas, gambling, Broadway, travel industry, airline industry, sports, concerts…..that was all about making more money or is that illogical?
    These supposed flawless money hungry CEO’s behind the scenes would be farting, burping, and sneezing like others, as opposed to constructing a comprehensive, perfect, uniform, control grid with hivelike precision and behaviour. This is a spiritual war that we are in.

    I also highly recommend TNG’s Civilization podcast series for outstanding discussion of these topics.

    1. YouCanCallMeAl

      Hey thanks for the response. I was the one who wrote the piece that was read out. I’m genuinely appreciative of anyone who would take the time to engage with what was raised.

      I don’t disagree with any of what you say above – at least hypothetically.

      What was possibly missed, is that I was writing something that I felt could be shown to a ‘normie’. This is to say, someone who was not familiar with any of the conspiracy content as we are. The point I was trying to get at, was whether or not you believe in conspiracies, there is some very basic information out there that, if you were to reflect for a sec, should lead you to the possibility that, ‘no, you are not free’, ‘yes, there is intentional control in play’.

      If you were to ask me, of course its not about money. For me, time is the real money. But, that wasn’t what this piece was about. It was about engaging at a low level, and seeing what might be deduced that is plain in everyone’s experience. I was attempting to put a level 1 set of arguments in someone’s face, such that they wouldn’t be able to dispute the fairly rational progression. And then, they might reflect, if it is rational, wtf are they actually thinking?!

      Whether any normie would ever feel the, ahem, compelling logic, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll pass it around the table at Christmas. 🙂

      Like you, I recommend TNG and T8H’s work – its great stuff.


      1. dirtybenny

        Hi Al,

        Thanks so much for your detailed explanation.

        I can sense that we are in synch….

        best regards



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