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Empty hospitals everywhere

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The Great Coronavirushoax Reset has nothing to do with a contagious virus.

It’s all about moving the world from individual centered free enterprise to a totalitarian communist model.

Here’s some first person proof.

Bethesda Regional Health Centre
316 Henry St, Steinbach, MB R5G 0P9
(204) 326-6411

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Freedom dies

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Individualism > collectivism

I truly believe there are orchestrated efforts to keep and utilize people in their fear.

We are witnessing today how freedom dies, it dies in a organic natural way at the hands of those who look to promote public safety, equality and justice.

This makes me a conspiracy REALIST.

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Hard to be a Trump fan

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I wonder if Biden proposes slower mass vax?

Even if the slaves get vaxxed, Tedros says nothing so change.

Do the guinea pigs know this yet?

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