Empty hospitals everywhere

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The Great Coronavirushoax Reset has nothing to do with a contagious virus.

It’s all about moving the world from individual centered free enterprise to a totalitarian communist model.

Here’s some first person proof.

Bethesda Regional Health Centre
316 Henry St, Steinbach, MB R5G 0P9
(204) 326-6411

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2 thoughts on “Empty hospitals everywhere

  1. psyopticon

    This “self-styled”* actor allegedly got himself 12 weeks pokey for being a “coronavirus ghoul” (!) and filming inside a UK hospital, to expose the scamdemic. He found another empty hospital, rather than one “struggling to cope” with a lethal virus outbreak.

    His story was pumped out at the very start of the coronahoax when lockdown was only just coming into force in England on 23 March. Doubtless a psyop within a psyop to scare off others from attempting similar.






    *Kierran Stevenson does actually seem to be a paid actor; a media insider and controlled opposition to boot?


    The timescale alone is proof enough of BS.. 30 March 2020, Stevenson was reportedly filming inside Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Posted his footage on Facebook. Arrested next day by Thames Valley Police. Interviewed. Bailed. Relatively involved police investigation concluded in breakneck speed. Case passed to CPS for review. Returned to TVP for charging him with the (trivial) offence of “causing a public nuisance”, with no allegation of violence or threatening behaviour, nor repetition**. Prosecution case finalised. Defendant summoned to Court. Tried, convicted and jailed for 12 weeks from 2 April 2020. All within THREE days of alleged offence!

    ** It seems that the maximum sentence (‘CJIA 2008’) for the “Offence of causing nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises” is a £1000 fine. Not a custodial offence. In this case, another hallmark of fakery.


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