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How can our bodies be at peace?

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When they’re always at war?

It strikes me as humourous that the use of ‘war’ words is so prevalant when talking of ‘disease’.

Does this say something about our heritage?

Let’s take a look.

We have:
‘bad’ germs (bacteria and not proven viruses)/cholesterol etc.

‘battles’ with ‘cancer’

‘stabbing’ pains

‘robbing’ us of our health

‘beating’ a cold

‘fighting’ infection

‘war’ on ‘disease’

‘invasive enemies’

‘negative’ results

‘barrage’ of drugs


‘aggressive’ ‘disease’

armoury/arsenal of drugs

‘attack’ on the (bogus) ‘immune system’

magic ‘bullet’ (pill)

‘campaigns’ against ‘diseases’

‘casualty’ of ‘disease’

‘combat’ ‘disease’


‘defence’ against…

‘defences’ (the bogus ‘immune’ system)

‘destroy’ (kill, maim…especially non-existent ‘germs’ and ‘viruses’)

‘encounter’ (usually something inexplicable)

front line (as in: ‘We are in the front line of medical research’.)


outbreak (as in a pandemonium, sorry pandemic)

‘quest’ for a ‘cure’ (meaning it is as harder to find a ‘cure’ than the Holy Grail)

‘regime’ for a ‘diet’ or ‘management’ of a ‘disease’ (meaning, it looks good)

‘resistance’ to ‘infection’

scare (as in: any diagnosis usually created from thin air)

strategy (as in: ‘We don’t know what to do’.)

suffering (the effect of toxic injections/pills, slash and burn)

suppression (usually of the body’s self-healing processes)

‘surrender’ (meaning die)

‘survivor’ (meaning they got away with it)

‘suspect(ed)’ (meaning probably not)

thwart the onset (meaning: trying everything to stop something they don’t understand)

uniform (meaning global unhealth programmes)


vulnerability (meaning ignorance (lack of data) being treated by the more ignorant (wrong data))

weapon (meaning anything prescribed is a potential killing machine)

It makes you think…


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You don’t need an immune system if germs don’t invade

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We really need to understand our human body and how it works before we submit to injury through injection.

Sharpstuff goes a long way to helping us understand.


I insist that I am never trying to be ‘clever’ here, or that I ‘know’ more than any-one else, merely trying to be logical.

I just wanted to have a word about the so-called ‘immune’ system since it seems to be a cornerstone of the ‘germ’, ‘virus’, ‘bacteria’, ‘D.N.A./R.N.A.’ theories about which I and others, have written many thousands of words.

The notion of the ‘immune’ system relies upon the belief in the first place of so-called pathogenic ‘somethings’ which ‘attack’ the body to make it ill.

If indeed no pathogens are part of Nature’s ‘arsenal’ against all flora, fauna, soil and water, then why would we need an ‘immune’ system from them? It beggars belief.

The ‘immune’ system is only possible if one believes in pathogenic processes.

It seems that many dissenters of the (to be brief) ‘germ’ theory itself, are still convinced in some way, of this fabulous (as in ‘fable’) ‘immune’ system. They may believe there are no ‘germs’ etc. but seem to insist it is because of the ‘immune’ system. It does not compute!

There is hardly a point in believing half a lie, you are still only half there…

I will say this again: It is how you treat the terrain that produces an efficient crop for survival. It is our responsibility and that of caring for others who have difficulties.

There is a war against humanity that is unfolding. War is the back-bone of control one way or the other, whatever the reason. All wars are contrived, bar none.

As for ‘medical’ wars, I would refer you to this page (still extant) but no longer maintained. I believe I posted this before but I will repeat the message here.

sharpspeake.wordpress.com/2014 … -medicine/

My apologies for repeating myself.

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: THE VACCINATION DECEIT www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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