7 thoughts on “Real men in Buffalo

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    smj metioned stagecraft, and thats pretty much the court system too, i gave uncle “disco euphamism” a name that a few people will be familiar with “poncho pete” he,s had his run ins with baillifs and courts and hes a funny guy does magic like uncle odd also , his description of a court being a ship and the fight for captaining the ship starts with jockeying for authority , also no sound on you and the 6th jacksons latest audio, but seeing as the pair of em poncho and todd do magic , im sure there could be a christmas veriety show in the making .
    remember magic is like a wig once you see it .it cant be unseen and it needs you to go along with it in order to pass it off.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    i have no doubt that the masks cover duping delight , and people will be recruited to enact situations like this (from both sides) just like recruiting for national security , “you are a patriot well were gonna fight this legally” etc etc , but having watched hundreds of bailiffs and coppers videos where houses were protected the same way from illegal repossession orders in the same legalese language ,i suspect we,ll either see another visit ,with the same outcome and usually the third one is the clincher,or this will be the end of it, never take legal advice from me
    he was a fat cunt

  3. smj

    The chubby “it’s the laaaw” feck with the tiny chaleco with his hands in his pockets whilst standing in front of an angry mob was not from ny and he was very uncoplike.

      1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

        ab you know how they cortorize ideas by showing them in use ,everyone of us will have our battle if weve not already had it , but never the less common law is the only fair approach for an honest man ,
        theres a saying you cant con an honest man , or no such thing as a free lunch , and on and on ,

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