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Any surprise that Jesse Ventura is a masktard?

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No surprise that Jesse the body Ventura is pro mask (forever) and hung up after being taken to task.

Good call with JFK gatekeeper Fetzer.

www.bitchute.com/video/J5PLjot… via bitslide

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Someone call the other police – the corporate police broke into a “legal” business

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Front lines in Toronto for tyranny.

Mayor John Tory says the locks have been changed at Adamson Barbecue in Etobicoke on Thursday after the restaurant, for two days straight, defied the province’s lockdown orders that forbid indoor dining.

“I’ve spoken to the police chief this morning … and they have a plan. He’s informed me the locks have been changed on the building … and there’s going to be a police presence there also … it is going to be closed today, you can be sure of that,” Tory tells Breakfast Television.


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BBQ man rising

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The service corporation called Ontario Inc. using their armed guards to shut down one of the corporate franchises.

Yes folks, we are all corporate franchises, organizations and persons alike.

This may get ugly, but we’re learning so much about the monopoly game we’ve all been playing in without knowing!

The break-in of #adamsonbarbecue by Toronto Police and the city is tyrannical. They CANNOT silence us! #adamsonbbq #FreedomMatters

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Rockafellas locked up medicine and then locked down society

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We gave them monopolies and they took over the world.

See how medicine used to be…

H/t Jan Erik

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