3 thoughts on “I’ll isolate myself when you isolate the virus

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    its bonkers though the more you look into viruses and good and bad bacteria etc etc disease illness, the evidence of poisoning for all ailments sticks out like a sore thumb, to the point now where im fully on board with no immune sytem and that my senses (sure theres more) pick up on others illness , contagion and all that just says to me now as a lot are realising contagion means humans get it

    now if your a china man on a hill farm and the other farm 40 miles away is on the same mountain range ,well when that big light shifts its angle you and the neighbour will experience seasonal change .fingers crossed you ate enough bat to stave off a cold , but to say it spreads is absurd and put two kids on a couch to catch measles from each other is fine but it doesnt prove contagion via virus or germs and all the other more barbaric ways of contaminating a healthy body are sick , glad they did them though in a way but youd think the doctors who had a small interest in the career of health might say stop back then now these cunts are knowingly looking for viruses in a soup of healthy cells that mimic copy look like viruses apparently (exesomes ) without being able to tell the difference, im waffling , it really is turning into the egg wars(swift)
    i dont care

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