You’ll go from farmer to crop in a generation if you don’t wake up

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The technofascists have such big plans for you commoners.

New York, London, India, and Australia – Recent Interviews On Human Capital Finance And The Great Reset…

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5 thoughts on “You’ll go from farmer to crop in a generation if you don’t wake up

  1. xileffilex

    Covid isn’t pushing us into the 4th Industrial Revolution . It’s already here and Schwab is only the ringmaster for the owners of the circus. The key word everywhere is “accelerate” which really means coalescing all the various strands into the necessary control grid for which “Zee Corvid Cryzeez” has been the catalyst. Accelerate implies a time-scale [which has been in the public domain for a few years]

    I like listening to the non-mainstream armchair economists and investors who do a lot of research for their own self-interest but are willing to share the information. Not just Jeff Berwick. This guy George Gammon also gets it

    One can’t stop progress and invention, it’s how it’s managed for, dare I say, zee common good. Schwab has been talking about the 4th IR for over 4 years and all the underlying technologies for control have already been discovered and trialled for the purposes of keeping us monitored and docile on the farm.

    The big and interesting question though: is any aspect of the ‘pandemic’ real? Excess mortality in some countries and regions was way above average for Spring 2020 in order to sell the pandemic to us but nobody including scientists will accept, or even be curious about, that such a late N. Hemisphere “flu” season is highly unusual if not totally unknown. The continued [and continuing sine die and co-ordinated shutdowns of states and countries have nothing to do with any sickness or ‘pandemic’. The economic madness of printing money also can’t go on indefinitely and the WEF itself – around Davos January 2020 – produced a toolkit for Central Banks which
    intends to serve as a complement to additional research that any [central bank] policy-maker considering CBDC should conduct
    – all very convenient and necessary for keeping the farm animals fed through their digital wallets which can be turned on or off by the state like any good feed trough can be controlled and monitored…

    But the human population isn’t going to be vaccinated to increase their yield on UBI. My suspicion is that the much touted vaccine is inert, a much more profitable product for big pharma but with the same effects of controlling the herd.

    Schwab’s Great Reset co-author Thierry Malleret gets very little publicity – here’s his interesting bio…
    “tailor made intelligence to investors”

    Perhaps the best thing would be to subscribe to Thierry’s Monthly Barometer newsletter I wonder if George Gammon does?

  2. ricky

    ” the Elites wishful hope for a future where the great many are successfully controlled by the savvy few”. Wouldn’t that also describe the past? (At least how we know it.) In my personal experience and interactions with 99.9% of people I know, it also accurately depicts the present. I can’t see how you couldn’t extrapolate this also being true in the future. I don’t disagree with your’ canny observations identifying possible controlled opposition Unreal, my point is the vast majority never get close to even understanding what controlled opposition is. The neighbors I spent the afternoon with yesterday are all successful by middle-class standards, “system smart,” however hopelessly lost in their “education and media” indoctrination. Their belief is once the “vaccination” is available and their walking cadaver “leader” is in office, everything will be a “great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day!” It’s a waste of time trying to even present them with a different point of view. If anything, I noticed an even more strident adherence to their group-think, possibly because of an undercurrent of fear that their relative privileged status might in reality be threatened.

    1. Unreal

      Wouldn’t that also describe the past?

      Think we agree that we’re already controlled, dumbed down and severly mislead today, but apparently the Elite still wants more – using dystopian propagandists such as Mc Do-Well to spread the fear,,, ehhh – news.

      My view is that the Elite – regardless of the past – hopes for more control and surveillance. In other words, although the control is very present today (as before) the Elite still wants more… Todays controlled world apparently needs… more control*.

      ” Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion. ”
      -Alan Watt

      In order to create an even more controlled future, the Elite clearly use known strategies such as controlled opposition using predictive programming on the population, setting new trends within fringe movements such as the conspiracy theory tinfoilhat crowd that clearly are trendsetters – be it by inversion for the general population.

      At this point one have to wonder if vaccines are a refined type of double edged sword with simultanous effects of placebo for believers and nocebo for anti-vaxers.

      The future sold by technocrats in their dystopian dreams also severly lack grounding and reflect the Elite’s complete incomprehension of actual labor. We are led to believe we’ll all work in cubicle officescapes inside gigantic cities where food comes from AI 3D printers and the countryside ceases to exist – which it wont.

      * outside of total control there is not enough control to rely on for technocrats…

  3. Unreal

    The subject of “The Great Reset” is intriguing and also apparently the Elite’s wishful hope for a future where the great many are successfully controlled by the savvy few.

    Part of the dystopian Great Reset is of course to spread the idea and propagate the fear which Alison McDowell* seems to be very proficient at doing – despite being an “amateur” doing all her studies in her spare time for just a few years. Of course, McDowell has previous experience in activism (Opt Out movement etc.).

    I presume the Elite (including A.McDowell and her team) actually believes that using Hollywood* and space references actually help convince the public of realistic life concepts. This is a future where humans colonize Mars…

    * hair and heavy glasses give Mc Do-Well a distinct A. Einstein mad scientist genius look…
    * McDowell apparently references the sandworm in her dystopian model from upcoming re-release of the movie Dune, thus exploiting current & upcoming pop culture trends

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