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This is a great post.

First, I recommend to everyone that you read this comment by Paso Robles. After reading it, even though it is kind of a downer, I thought … he nails it.

Second, I am wondering if everyone understands the what and how of this hoax. If so, read no further.

There are two elements that are essential to pulling this off, a kind of Manhattan Project of compartmentalization that allows the criminals behind it to enlist the services of honest people, doctors and scientists, nurses and lab technicians. They all imagine they are doing God’s work, saving humanity from a new and novel virus.

First, the virus. It does not exist. But by means of news and agitation propaganda and massive censorship at every outlet that might highlight this fact, I imagine 98% of the public is bought in.

The National Center for Education Statistics did a study on adult literacy in the United States, the one I am looking at done in 1993 and updated in 2002 – it doesn’t matter much as these do not change much over time. They found that 80% of us are not able to read and process long tracts, with only 3-4% of us functioning at the highest level, able to read, understand and process complicated data. (Jump to page 41 of the PDF, page 17 of the actual report contained therein for this data – actually, the entire report is loaded with fascinating information but it is neatly summarized there.) The essential take from this is that 80% of the public is easily fooled. That means that no matter what they do, be it moon landings or tower demolitions or fake viruses, the people in charge of public information own us at the outset. Thereafter, I think the remaining 20% erode under pressure of isolation, never having an reinforcement of their views in media and being surrounded by dumbasses, but wanting to belong.

So the idea of selling a virus that does not exist was going to be easy for most to swallow, as our education systems teaches us, instead of how to think, to adore authority figures, political leaders, and especially people in white lab coats. We here have all seen the videos that tear apart the shoddy science behind all of this. It’s comforting, intended for us, and does not fly beyond these boundaries.

Second, the polymerase chain reaction machine (PCR), is the beating heart of the hoax. This paper, The Scam has Been Confirmed, details how they are pulling this off. First, the authors show that no has ever been isolated. That is no surprise. Various individuals we promote here and in our blogroll, like Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan, have stated that there has never been proof that viruses cause disease (or even exist). So how are thy pulling this off?

PCR is an amazing machine. When used for its intended purpose, matching strands of DNA, it is accurate in the extreme. If police find blood at a crime scene, and using PCR match it to an individual, that’s proof that that person, and no other human on the planet, was at the crime scene. In my own life, I saw it used to release an innocent man from prison after serving 14 years, and later to identify the actual criminal. PCR is the mainstay behind DNA matching, and of course, in the wrong hands, is very dangerous. It is in the wrong hands and has been since the beginning.

It was first used maliciously in the hoax. That was the forerunner of the current hoax, and it worked like this: Rig it to find a virus that probably does not exist or may be just harmless, HIV. Associate HIV with a real syndrome, AIDS, caused by other things, not a virus. Once that association is made, when a person dies of anything AND is “HIV positive,” that person is said to have died of AIDS.

In the current hoax, SARS-Cov-2 is used in a similar manner as was HIV. The PCR machine is rigged to find genome strings, and the authors of the paper linked above have identified these strands as existing in the human genome and in a hundred or so microbes that can be found in our bodies.

So why do just a few people “test positive?” For that, I can only guess that the primers they chose for the PCR would guarantee a few positive hits, but also that as they increased the number of tests, the positive hits would increase too. Increased testing gives the illusion of a virus that is spreading.

In real life for its intended use, PCR takes a strand of DNA and amplifies it by doubling it, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and on out. Eventually it magnifies that strand by 2 to the 25th power and more, a 2 followed by 25 zeroes. Dr. Kary Mullis, its inventor, said it was not trustworthy beyond thirty amplifications. This is akin to making copies of a photograph, each one blurrier than the one before. The data becomes less and less reliable. (Mullis also said that the machine should not be used to diagnose disease, as finding one virus or gene sequence is essentially meaningless. But who listens?)

We have got new data now, a study published by Oxford Academic, by Rita Jaafar et al and with a name too long to print here. It is short and accessible to the layman. Their conclusions: after 25 amplifications, PCR reliability is 70% and declining with each amplification. At 30 amplifications, PCR is only 20% reliable. At 35 amplifications, it is only 3% reliable.

Does this matter? Not as much as it appears. The work being done is sloppy, but is not even intended to be reliable. They don’t care. All they want is to find positive tests, which are meaningless, and then to do more and more testing to give the illusion of a pandemic.

After all, they are not looking for a virus.. They are looking for a gene sequence that they know we all have, and that will reliably turn up.

Technicians, nurses, doctors, scientists, and surely politicians do not know this. They trust the white lab coats to be honest and really, really smart. As we all know, giving someone trust gives them permission to lie.

This past month or so, behind closed doors, laboratories have surely been ordered to ramp up … not amplifications used, a red herring, but rather just the amount of testing. This is what has created the second wave. It has been planned from the outset.

I close with the Paso Robles comment again, as he addresses the matter of a vaccine that cannot exist for its stated purpose. I have read and seen evidence that the vaccine might involve electrolysis, to actually enter our cells and then reproduce. That is surely above my pay grade, but I have to ask, to what end?

I don’t fear the vaccine. Maybe I should, but with me, it is redundant. I suspect that the effect of the vaccine will be to sterilize or reduce sperm counts in men. I cannot speak for women. If PCR is the beating heart of how they are pulling off this scamdemic, in my view, population reduction is the ultimate goal. This gives me a sense of optimism, as if it is as I suspect aimed at culling the herd by having us produce fewer babies, I am no threat to them anyway. It means I can resume the wonderful life my partner and I had, traveling and seeing the world.

I could be wrong, of course.


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