How the vaccination nation may play out

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Good comment from POM.

When you talk about “a post-corona time beginning in 2021” (paraphrasing; correction welcome), couldn’t the writers of those letters, using that phrasing or one of equivalent meaning, be referring to the period that begins once mass have begun? In the minds of modern people, isn’t the vax the end of the affliction’s reign of terror and the beginning of the “post-coronal.”

Thus, the people using that phrase might not have been referencing a period after the Hoax falls apart, but the period after the mass vax have been begun. That’s the version of post-corona I am guessing a lot of folks are seeing as their future. “Once I’m vaxed, no mask, no lines, no hand sanitizer, no lockdowns. Free as a bird: parties, concerts, romance. All the vaxes kept me from getting something no one I knew ever got anyway; this vax gives me my life back.” Not me, of course, but others see the future that way, I think.*

[To me, the CV19 Hoax is the highest artistic form, the ne plus ultra performance of the Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution) … EVER. I can think of no more pure demonstration of the dialect’s raw power over the masses than an operation in which the purveyors of the fraud didn’t actually have to DO anything at all. To stampede earlier populations up the slaughterhouse ramp, had to actually burn down the Reichstag; the Towers actually had to be demolished, for example. Something had to happen. Those risky difficult actions, and a jillion others back through history, had to actually be committed to get the population to rush up the ramp toward proffered “safety.” This time all the fraudsters had to do was pretend — to tell a lie and make it stick. No burning wreckage; no physical evidence; no video of an ‘event;’ just application of lesser magic, word and number sleight of hand. Assertion, assertion, assertion: then amazingly the victims initiated themselves, performed greater upon themselves, enacting isolation and purity rituals and donning symbolic coverings to signal their assent to what was being done to them. Fauci, Gates & WHO just had to say their lines, and Anderson Cooper his, repeat them every ten minutes, and then reverse themselves, before once again returning to theme (push-pull gaslighting), while utterly nonsensical flashed onscreen. It was a show; quite literally Dustin Hoffman’s “it’s a pageant, a spectacle” from Wag The Dog. It was trauma based mind control by fraud; while the fraud purveyors’ performance was and is mimetic: An imitation of people who know something, scaring the shit out of people who have been trained to believe they themselves don’t.

[The audacity is breathtaking. Somehow they managed to assert the existence of a worldwide Problem; That elicited a global voluntary Reaction that unleashed real pain, hardship and destruction, achieving for the controllers in the process undreamed-of, technological, political and societal social-engineering goals in mere months; Creating a traumatized population clamoring for whatever Solution is offered, “just to get my freaking life back.” And here it is, right on sked: The vax.]

From there, vax certification becomes the passport back to personhood, the golden ticket, the travel document for returning to Normal-land, where (slightly tailored) civil rights and human dignity (minus bodily sovereignty) wait to be reunited with each obedient citizen. For the dissidents without one: no fly, no buy, no job, no entry, no exit, no shoes, no shirt, no services, no travel, no bank account and no money to mount a court case to fight any of it. National passports won’t matter, only WHO’s will; the nation-states have been demoted to mere enforcers of a UN certification. Alex Jones was right; amazing, really.

Even if the vax were harmless sterile saline solution, the inflection event I’m describing would be a spectacular self-selecting partitioning of society into two groups. As a piece of social engineering by the control structure, it’s genius — getting the troublesome portion of society who opposes The New Normal to voluntarily self-identify by refusing the vax and foregoing certification. Thus will the dissidents be putting themselves into a one-down position by choice. (The messaging is already abroad about anti-vaxers being sociopathic and selfish, implanting in the average mind that the dissidents refused not out of principle but malice toward society. Projection and inversion work!) What are the vax-cert-holders to do at seeing our plight but shrug without qualm, explaining to their kids: “They chose it, dear. They could be like us like that! (SNAP!) if they’d just do the right thing.”

I hope I have this scenario all wrong.…

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