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  1. xileffilex

    I was trying to find the Nov 3 post advertising the book Jeff and Charlie Robinson wrote- Controlled demolition of the economy book
    but it’s “not found” although the fakeotube video is still there.

    Charlie has recently done an interview with Tim Kelly Charlie thinks that “whistleblowers” such as Assange, Manning and Snowden are genuine. OK….. but if they get into The Guardian, that’s the biggest red flag imaginable. I won’t hold that against Charlie. I wonder what Jeff thinks.

    1. Unreal

      I’m not overly familiar with Jeff Berwick, but his life seems scripted along the the lines of other free spirit gurus such as Jobs, Wozniak, Musk, Zuckerberg and their like. After starting in the mainstream Berwick seems to taken an alternative cryptocurrency route – and doing interviews with Tim Kelly sure is problematic as his podcast constitutes a nest for fellow spooks (TCC article).

      Looking around for some information Berwick it seems he very early on was part of the wonderkids of the internet and his 11m catamaran* accident in 2005 most clearly appears to be a mediahoax as Berwick was trapped in a “wicked” storm (article), escaping on his surfboard and mostly worried about missing his next Stockhouse meeting…

      Being part of MainStream Media hoaxes clearly isn’t an activity many “come back” from and very few explicitly admit to – except whistleblowers that never have come through in any capacity when researched in detail. For Berwick, too much wick is wacky i’d say…

      * reducing 10.5 to whole digits makes it 11 – a simple slight of hand trick to disguise insider coding

      1. xileffilex

        It was like Gilligan’s Island….

        The “catwreck” was within days of the transparently fake plane crash which “killed” Walmart heir John Walton in Wyoming,. Must write that one up.

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