4 thoughts on “What law did Adam Skelly break?

  1. xileffilex

    Interesting – I’m surprised that Canada didn’t copy the UK emergency orders where PHOs can order the cops to cart someone off to a ‘facility’ on the flimsy grounds of the person being suspected of being infected [e.g. they have opened their business, are having a thanksgiving dinner etc etc] with no mention of any judge or magistrate.

    No courts needed in this accelerated process. The cops themselves can do that off their own ‘suspicion’ but only after consulting with some malleable PHO.

    So if the restaurant is now certainly empty – what’s all the police activity about now?

  2. dirtybenny

    This absurd presentation shows how broken the system is, while desperately attempting to maintain public confidence in their system. “The judge is the check and balance.” Really?
    The enemy does not have to abide by rules or laws.

    So when the morally righteous legislatures pass “laws” to mandatory vaccinations for the public, all is good because there is a law. I do not stand under their laws.

    If one is hoping for remedy and justice in the corrupt deceptive court system that the enemy has
    instituted, stay up all night waiting for Santa Claus. There is a far greater chance of that manifesting.


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