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Simon Shack state of the union

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From one of my favorite truthers and writers of all time.

Dear all,

From the perspective of, I dare say that 2020 has been the most ‘productive & awakening’ year ever. It has undeniably produced and awakened millions of people to the utterly crass and cynical antics of our lovely planet’s psychopathic rulers. As the incurable optimist that I am, I wish to apologize here and now to all gloom-ridden doomsday-sayers, in case my present words make them cringe. In any event, it can hardly be denied that the (incredibly silly) Moronavirus Scam has done wonders to lower the (sadly far-too-high) percentage of people – a.k.a. “normies” – who dismiss offhand all critical / alternative thinkers as “conspiracy theorists”.

Yes, I’m confident that what I like to call the Nutwork clowns (a.k.a. “the powers that shouldn’t be”) have grossly miscalculated this last psychological operation of theirs – as sold to the masses through their mainstream news channels. A strong indicator of this fact is that MOST people are not buying this Covid pandemic narrative. As of my personal survey studies, more than 70% – in Europe and the USA – are NOT willing to let their bodies be injected with the various proposed “Covid vaccine” concoctions. As much as I hate to sound like a preacher, I will nonetheless (from the bottom of my heart) solemnly ask the remaining 30% (i.e. those people apparently still willing to take some type of “Covid vaccine”) to reconsider: the very fate of humanity is at stake. Mind you, not because these “vaccines” are necessarily going to kill us all – but to go along with this game forced upon us by our governments is simply not a smart thing to do. Here in Italy, we call such people “Covidioti” (Covidiots) – and rightly so.

Lastly, I will just hope that we all manage to keep our spirits strong and high – since the Nutwork’s main plan is evidently to push dissenters into despair and depression.

So there. This was my humble yet sincere “state of the union address” for this 2020-2021 transition. May reason prevail.

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Why the great financial reset will fail

likes this

This woman gives some good info on what’s behind the coronavirushoax.

I’ll forget about her beliefs about space and controlling it. Overall her message is good.

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COVID Operation – Wellness Forum Health

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COVID Operation is the story of how the COVID-19 Hoax began, who the major players are, and how the plan was executed. It’s a disturbing account of how easy it is to take control of people who assume that they will continue to enjoy freedom without holding government, the media, and many others accountable.…

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