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Ignorance illicits impunity

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Since most people don’t want to know the truth about viri, those that say they know can say or do just about anything – and they do.

“If it were up to me, anybody not wearing a mask when they are out in public would be arrested,” he said. “That’s an act of domestic terrorism and should be treated like one.”


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If it’s not an invasive, contagious virus, then what is making me “sick?”

It’s the purge, and this is the best written explanation I’ve seen so far.

Take care of your cells.

We see with the flu that as biological science has gotten more advanced there is reasonable explanations for the flu and colds without resorting to infectious disease to explain it. The most likely explanation I have read is that the body goes through periods from time to time of autophagy.

What happens in autophagy is over time throughout the body more and more cells become non-functional, but not dead cells. These non-functional cells cause problems with homeostasis in various ways to the cells around them. And when there are only a few non-functioning cells there is no noticeable difference, but as more cells become non-functional the problems build up.

The body has evolved ways to deal with the problem of these dysfunctional cells. And that is autophagy. The body goes into this mode where it does a purging and wipes out large numbers of these cells in one big move. It does it in one big move because to kill cells like that requires temporarily changing the biochemical environment in the body towards autophagy.

When the autophagy is widespread and involves many of these dysfunctional cells the results are described in the medical literature as ‘flu-like’ symptoms. All the usual flu symptoms of the body purging itself. One small example is how the body shuts off appetite, as obviously it is not in the biochemical mode to add cells during this period. Another example is the vomiting which is the body expelling these cells which become quite toxic as they are broken down. And the body’s filtration systems get overloaded trying to process all of this cellular material.

In defense of scientists from 100’s of years ago they were not aware of autophagy or dysfunctional cells that are still alive. So they came up with their hypothesis of some invisible infectious disease triggering this process. The problem I have with past scientists was their coming to the conclusion that it was ‘viruses’ when they did not have evidence of that, it should have always been one hypothesis among many. But then again the common people they won’t accept an answer from the ‘priests’ of the society that we simply don’t know the reason.

The people in all ages in all places want to believe that the priests of their society know everything.

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Markus quits, again

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Time to get our monthly calls back on track – and I’ll try not to interrupt and cut him off as much next time.

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