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  1. ricky

    Dirtybenny stole my thunder, I was going to add to the roll-call after my afternoon walk. Unreal has been what I call “essential listening” or reading for anyone that has found their way to this site. I got a good laugh when I re-visited his “fake Truther movement” article and roster, I chased so many of those characters over the years I’m a bit surprised I persevered long enough to find some satisfactory answers and ideas here. My discernment has reached a much higher level thanks to his diligent work.

    1. Unreal

      Thanks for the encouragement* Marin2, nice to hear!

      On a personal note i’ve not researched much lately and the topic most discussed at Fakeologist these days – Covid19 – is not a subject i know that well – my last research being on Animals and the fake “Truther” movement.

      Clearly the pandemic and current “Reset” are not issues going away soon, and we’ll all need come to terms with what it all means. The amount of pundits that currently champion the topic makes it a bit confusing. I’m not sure to trust any single source particlarly much but i also do not know what these gatekeeper Truthers agendas actually are.

      Medecine is a tricky topic where nobody seems to get it right, maybe because good health is natural and free which makes it hard to reconcile with long, expensive education, credentials and expected lifestyle. Just like animals don’t need doctors or vaccines, neither are humans designed to need advanced supplements, drugs and medical treatments (imo).

      * regarding participating on Fakeologist radio, Ab did suggest doing an interview back in May about Kendall, Corona & the future, but neither of us have followed up on that

      1. dirtybenny

        I would also like to chime in on the celebration of hearing Unreal analyze anything, in writing or chat. His careful, brave, paced, analytical method of writing and speaking have always stood out to me, personally. His unadulterated skepticism has helped me to question my own belief systems. The Conspiracy conspiracy, EGI and the Carrion incident are examples of this.

  2. Unreal

    Seems Polly is slightly confused as she presents a working model from several experiments of social conditionning, yet she’s unable to realise that encouraging any individual to stand up in the working model she presents will have no effect on how the overall group dynamic works… which is by employing shepherds and secret collusions to direct the social interaction according to a coordinated plan.

    A shepherd is not part of group, and conditioning social consensus requires coordinated groupwork and deceit to work – something which no individual mask-denier will be able to achieve individually like Polly implicitly contends.

    Not wearing a mask isn’t a tool to “undo” the general policy of masks, only at best a means to be genuine towards ourself. And in countries where there are new laws that require everyone to wear masks in public spaces, with fines and detention for those who do not comply – wearing masks is not even a choice anymore*.

    There is no solution to wearing masks or not, we have crossed that line a long time ago when international laws changed in the aftermath of the swine flu (H1N1) and even a regular flu can be a valid pandemic candidate.

    * anything else than coordinated efforts will be useless on group dynamics – fighting the security guard at you local supermarket by yourself just won’t do any difference – even the contrary as “crazy” behavior will reassure the public they are not crazy like a mask-denier,,,

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