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Thug Ford misses news con-ference

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Update: It seems Thug can’t tell the truth about where he was. Personally, I don’t really care what his health issues are – the most important thing people need to know that no matter how hard these actors like to seem sincere, their job is to lie by design – and they do.

Ford told reporters on Wednesday he “zapped his back out” and was unable to attend because of the pain. “I don’t know if you’ve ever had back pain but I’ll tell you that brought me to my knees yesterday,” Ford said. “The only thing I’m disappointed about is it was my first press conference I’ve missed since the beginning, so I apologize for that.”


I have a first hand, senior fakeologist eye witness account that Doug was in the heart center of Toronto hospital yesterday.

He had four very large OPP men escorting him.

Senior also stated that the hospital was empty.

My own account of the ICU where I was two weeks ago confirms this.

Our ICU was so empty my daughter got to move to a better room in ICU.

I still can’t decide if Ford is a useful idiot or he knows the agenda to destroy SME worldwide and bring in America 2050.

It may be a bit of both.

“The Premier has an unexpected, but non-COVID-related, non-urgent, medical appointment that will prevent him from participating in today’s facility tour and 1:00 p.m. press conference,” said a spokesperson from the premier’s office.


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Behavioural Insights Team

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We’re in the biggest psyop in history. Here’s but one piece of the puzzle.

From Xilefelix:

Great chat – especially the part discussion Amazing Polly’s behavioral experiments.
I don’t think many people understand the centrality of behavioural psychologists at the heart of this phoney resetting ‘pandemic’. The UK has not just a Behavioural Insights Team [a private sector operation at the heart of government]
with sister operations in New York, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
The BIT has been very active right from the start of the plandemic.
eg. June 29

Blog 29th Jun 2020
Life after lockdown: A strong & sustainable economic recovery Covid-19 has disrupted our lives on many levels

is straight out of the Schwab phrasebook, but I guess Schwab’s language actually originates in these mind-benders.

Or right at the beginning, February 24, before Dr Tedros decided the phoney images characterise a pandemic
Covid-19: how do we encourage the right behaviours during an epidemic?

Addressing the Munich Security Conference on February 15th, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “we’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic”. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how to stop the ‘misinfodemic’, but behavioural insights can help enhance our response to Covid-19 and develop new approaches to tackling misinformation.

This is the clearest indication that the state was needing to work very hard to make people believe the nonsensical [and later the level of threat was ratcheted up to overcome that problem]

And at the heart of the government’s SAGE advice unit is the SPI-B nest of behavioural psychologists, [Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavioural Science, which comes up with such gems as this paper on making younger people adhere to the ridiculous rules…
SPI-B: Increasing adherence to COVID-19 preventative behaviours among young people

• Communications targeting young people should where possible be delivered by
trusted, non-governmental sources e.g. charities, celebrities, sports clubs, commercial

…the message – trust in government, trust in scientists

Here’s a final piece of manipulation – targeting women with the propaganda as they try to cancel Christmas celebrations….

Women carry the burden of creating and maintaining family traditions and activities at
. These traditions are informed by the preferences of partners and children.
“Messaging should be supportive of women adapting traditions and encouraging those around them to share the burden and to be supportive of any alterations to adapt for Covid19 restrictions”

source – SPI-B paper
Source – October 29 2020 SPI-B paper
Papers like these are all about helping the government abolish freedoms without upsetting the animals on the farm too much.

Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2020/12/0…

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Globalist elitists hate you

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They think you’re a maggot – like Canadian enviro hero David Suzuki.

Of course, he’s made 5 maggots himself.

David has 5 children – 3 from his first marriage with Setsuko Joanne Sunahara (Tamiko, Troy and Laura) and 2 from his second marriage with Tara Elizabeth Cullis (Severn and Sarika).

Since both he and his second wife Tara are environmental activists, their children, Severn and Sarika also began following in their footsteps at a young age.

H/t Jan Erik

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Covert op: “the virus” as cover story

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Brilliant article.

For months, I’ve been demonstrating that no one has proved SARS-CoV-2 exists (start here).

Instead, elite planners have been selling A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS.

In covert intelligence operations, this would be called a cover story. It obscures true goals. It justifies crimes that would otherwise be nakedly exposed.

In a really large covert op, the cover story hides a number of goals and justifies a number of crimes.

For example, in my 1988 book, AIDS INC., I showed how the cover story about HIV was used in Africa.

For a very long time, the true causes of illness and death in areas of Africa were: hunger; protein-calorie malnutrition; starvation; poverty; war; good farm land stolen from the people; corporate pollution; toxic medicines and vaccines; toxic pesticides; overcrowding in cities; lack of basic sanitation.

Most if not all of these causes could have been eliminated. But local governments did not want healthy people. Sick and dying people were easier to control.

Colluding with, and paying off, local government leaders, transnational corporations set up shop in these African countries and used the healthier people to work on their giant commercial farms and in their factories.

But in 1984, suddenly, there was a new (cover) story broadcast and sold to the world: what was really decimating Africa was HIV. THIS explained all the illness and dying.

The true causes, listed above, were shoved into the background.

Those true crimes were hidden, were permitted to continue unabated.

Not only that, the HIV cover story paved the way for pharmaceutical companies to rack up profits by selling extremely toxic AIDS drugs (e.g., AZT) to Africa.

The HIV test, which turned out false positives like Niagara Falls, made these drugs seem necessary—as fake case numbers soared.

People dying from the toxic medical treatments were, of course, listed as AIDS deaths.

Sound familiar?

These days, the coronavirus cover story obscures crimes according to the same general pattern.

EVERYONE is considered an agent of potential infection. Therefore, a new Chinese strategy: universal lockdowns.

COVID-19 is essentially an intelligence-agency type covert op.

The short-term goal is wrecking economies. The long-term goal is taking the population into a new world of technocratic control.

Selling this as necessary all comes back to THE VIRUS COVER STORY.

“We’re not forcing technocracy down the throats of the people. Certainly not. We’re simply doing what we must, because of the danger of the virus…”

There is another routine element in covert operations: FALSE TRAILS.

These are embellishments on the basic story, promoted to hide the fact that the cover story is a lie. The aim in 2020 is: get people arguing about the nature and origin and composition of the virus.

Why? Because as long as people are arguing about these issues, they are re-enforcing the idea that the virus exists and is dangerous. Thus, the basic cover story is strengthened.

“Sowing dissension in the ranks” is another aspect of false trails. A classic example is the JFK assassination, and the myriad accusations that have been flung between independent researchers, each of whom has a different explanation for the murder of the president.

This past spring, there was a period when such accusations were breaking out among independent COVID investigators. As a result, there was no unanimity about the tyrannical nature of the lockdowns. Thankfully, that moment of ill-will seems to have passed.

Always identify and return to the cover story. Walk around it. Look at it from all sides. Walk into it from one side and exit from the other. Test it. The vital clues are there.

Another classic example: 2009, La Gloria, Mexico. Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the world, operates a giant pig farm. 950,000 pigs.

The urine and feces from these 950,000 pigs run out into the open air and forms what are called lagoons. They’re so large, you can see them from outer space.

Workers spray the toxic lagoons with a toxic foam. It’s routine.

Workers, and people in the surrounding neighborhood, are getting sick and dying. So new contractors are brought in to spray the lagoons with yet another toxic chemical.

Out of nowhere, guess who shows up? The CDC.

Guess what they conclude? It’s not the urine and feces lagoons or the toxic chemicals causing illness and death. No. Of course not.

It’s a new mysterious virus. H1N1.

And voila, we have a new cover story and a new epidemic, called Swine Flu.

The cover story serves a number of purposes, as time passes. But the most obvious one is: Smithfield Foods is protected. They get away with murder.

And to cap it all off, four years later, in 2013, Smithfield, still protected, sells itself to a Chinese company, Shuanghui International Holdings, for $4.72 billion.

Makes you wonder. I can imagine a few Chinese intelligence professionals sitting in a room in Beijing, in 2013, expressing astonishment. “Can you believe the CDC? They sold a cover story about a virus that was so ridiculous…but it worked. Suppose we followed suit, but on a grand scale? We claim an outbreak is occurring in one of our cities. We invite the CDC and the World Health Organization to come in and help. There is no virus, but we know they’ll ‘find a new one.’ They always do. Then, boom. We do something no one has ever done before. We lock down 50 million people overnight and provide a model to the rest of the world. Other countries line up and lock down their populations, wrecking their economies. Meanwhile, we announce China has ‘recovered,’ we cancel our lockdowns and put everybody back to work. It’s a war with no shots fired, and we win. Do you think we could pull it off? Do you think we could sell it? Maybe we should talk to Bill Gates. He’s a smart guy. He always has interesting ideas…”

Worlds biggest pig farm:

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You can’t change history

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One thing alone not even God can do,To make undone whatever hath been done.


God knows they’re trying.

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Odessa news 12-1: Canada hiring LARPers

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Civilians in the battlespace

Start at 29:00

Would you like to participate in an exciting casual contract and assist the military with some training exercises that they have coming up? We are looking for individuals who are interested in being “Role Players and Actors” to assist the Department of National Defence (DND).

You would require a PWGSC “Enhanced Reliability Clearance” to work on this contract, so if you do not have one, we can initiate the process for you right away. Once it is granted, you can be considered!

www.bitchute.com/video/X3SBR6U… via bitslide

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