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We’re in the biggest in history. Here’s but one piece of the puzzle.

From Xilefelix:

Great chat – especially the part discussion Amazing Polly’s behavioral experiments.
I don’t think many people understand the centrality of behavioural psychologists at the heart of this phoney resetting ‘pandemic’. The UK has not just a Behavioural Insights Team [a private sector operation at the heart of government]…
with sister operations in New York, Canada, Australia and New Zealand…
The BIT has been very active right from the start of the plandemic.
eg. June 29

Blog 29th Jun 2020
Life after lockdown: A strong & sustainable economic recovery Covid-19 has disrupted our lives on many levels

is straight out of the Schwab phrasebook, but I guess Schwab’s language actually originates in these mind-benders.

Or right at the beginning, February 24, before Dr Tedros decided the phoney images characterise a pandemic…
Covid-19: how do we encourage the right behaviours during an epidemic?

Addressing the Munich Security Conference on February 15th, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “we’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic”. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how to stop the ‘misinfodemic’, but behavioural insights can help enhance our response to Covid-19 and develop new approaches to tackling misinformation.

This is the clearest indication that the state was needing to work very hard to make people believe the nonsensical [and later the level of threat was ratcheted up to overcome that problem]

And at the heart of the government’s SAGE advice unit is the SPI-B nest of behavioural psychologists, [Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavioural Science, which comes up with such gems as this paper on making younger people adhere to the ridiculous rules…….
SPI-B: Increasing adherence to COVID-19 preventative behaviours among young people

• Communications targeting young people should where possible be delivered by
trusted, non-governmental sources e.g. charities, celebrities, clubs, commercial

…the message – trust in government, trust in scientists

Here’s a final piece of manipulation – targeting women with the propaganda as they try to cancel Christmas celebrations….

Women carry the burden of creating and maintaining family traditions and activities at
. These traditions are informed by the preferences of partners and children.
“Messaging should be supportive of women adapting traditions and encouraging those around them to share the burden and to be supportive of any alterations to adapt for Covid19 restrictions”

source – SPI-B paper
Source – October 29 2020 SPI-B paper
Papers like these are all about helping the government abolish freedoms without upsetting the animals on the farm too much.

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2 thoughts on “Behavioural Insights Team

  1. xileffilex

    I ought to add that the other main sub-group of the governmental advisers is SPI-M. The M stands for MODELLING the fake pandemic: those who brought us the 510,000 deaths in the UK, 2,200,000 deaths in the USA forecast bang on cue for March 17 2020. And they’re still in business with their phoney predictions of exponentially rising “cases” this winter. The SPI-B gang then go about their business of brainwashing the masses to believe it all, advising the government to increase the level of fear [their own words] where appropriate, e.g. by increasing the financial penalties imposed. They will know exactly from their surveys how many people are wearing masks, how many times people are washing their hands, the percentage salivating at the prospect of being vaccinated in order to travel, at given time.

  2. ricky

    Ironically the “science” of behavioral psychologists has probably produced the most reliable “scientific” results in human history. Probably the most well funded and hidden (somewhat) from public purview throughout time. The public is unaware of course of these “tests” being conducted on them, however after being “dumbed down to perfection” (from a xiliffilex video,) the covid operation had almost no chance of failure.

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